Summer Vacation

Just a question to all the shcool aged LD’ers here, did you find that summer vacation(mainly its lack of sleep schedule) was detrimental to your lucid dreaming?

No… actually, I thought I would find it to the contrary, but it seems it hasn’t affected my LD’ing at all…

It’s effected mine negativly, then again, my sleep schedule may be further off than some people’s due to my CONSTANT STATE OF PARTYING!!! OH YEAH!!!

(Hey! You have a quote from me in your sig! I’m honored!)

I hardly ever ld, but the school holidays help my dream recall amazingly. I don’t get enough sleep during school weeks usualy >_<, but when I have time off my recall jumps from a few a week, to 1 or 2 a day. Like yesterday I remembered 3 :content:

Hm. I guess it’s that I get less sleep. I have heard that melatonin is released when your surroundings are dark, and if you stay up late like myslef, less melatonin is produced, so if this is true, that may be why my recall is down over summer break.

My recall dropped since the beginning of the summer break also. I think it is because of my sleeping schedule, and because of how early the sun rises during the summer (my window faces east, so it gets pretty bright in the morning [there is also a street light just behind my backyard, so that doesn’t help]).

Well, at shool time i have to wake up at 7 am, at summer break i was able to sleep even to 11:30 or even 12. With more REM, i have more time to realize that i am dreaming. A lot of possitive effects on me !