Summoning .`•.¸.•´ ¸.•´.•´¨ ^~^

Hi i was wondering how do you summon something in the Astral plane? when having an OBE does it work? can you summon things like humans/things/objects? what are the consequences of summoning in the Astral plane will it be the same as Lucid Dream summonings or diffrent :confused: just wondering thankyou :smile:

You can assume that Astral Projection == OBEs == Lucid Dreaming.
EDIT: (You can assume that since the same things work in OBEs and LDs, for me anyways)

Put your hand behind you, imagine that someone is grabbing and look around. You’ll see the person you’re trying to summon.

You can do that with objects too, imagine how they feel. It helps but you can just imagine them and will them to pop into existence.

I’ve done my fair share of summoning users from LD4all in my LDs. I reach behind myself and say out aloud who I want to summon and then I usually feel them grab on. I’ve used the same method for summoning specific objects. In that case, I spend time studying images of the object that I wish to summon and then feel around just behind me and then I’ll feel that object manifest itself.

Hi guys.
I did it a couple of times with very strange results.
I just said “I want to talk with…$name” and started to think of the person.
I talked about this experience in my post in this section. I had really unexpected results, so it is possible that my technique doesn’t work (I didn’t even know there is a technique for that).

wow so cool…

i wonder if said summoned people “feel” a sense of summonness from their reality. i have to wonder because when someone i loved left me, he said he kept getting " telephone calls" from me…
i was quite suprised as i never ever phoned him, and never knew his number anyway.

omg that’s so cool! :happy:

tyvm il just assume it’s that first i thought it was some other kind of plane where you could not summon anything :eek: ty :content:

oh ok il try thanks! :smile:

Are LDs and OBEs the exact same thing? I thought Astral Projection was you actually leaving your physical body and LD is being aware in your dreams :confused:

anyone know this? i feel as if Astral projection is something else like you are aware of it in a whole you are not it who Controls more as in it who feels it all its kinda weird feeling i get but its Earth it feels for me since i’ve done it myself.