Sun and Moon Symbolism

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I’ve never been big on picking up dream dictionaries or having other people help in the interpretation of my dreams… probably because I always figured that since dreams are the most purely YOU thing you can do no one would be able to decipher the cryptic messages better. However, there were two semi-lucid dreams I have had recently whose meanings didn’t completely unfold until I asked my friends for input. Most of these two dreams’ meanings have fallen into place and I am comfortable with their new messages.

All that being said, both dreams were extremely beautiful and masked powerful messages. One included two suns, one that developed from a hole in the sky. The “artificial” sun (as I’ve come to call it) had all the power of the original sun, only it lacked the control. This false sun burnt people, cities and life as it overshadowed the true benevolent sun. A dream dictionary stated that the sun can be a metaphor for the self. This makes sense due to the issues I’ve been struggling with in my daily life. The artificial sun represented this observer-self I created as an attempt to objectively evaluate my true self. While observing myself, I became overly critical of my flaws and “burnt” out certain aspects of my life. That’s the gist of that dream’s meaning.

Sadly, I cannot figure out any meaning for the moon other than, perhaps, the more sensitive, subtle and emotional self that I’ve never been in touch with (up until I discovered lucid dream, I’ve been a man of science, hard proof and reason… all of which disintegrate in my dream realms :happy: ) In this dream, the true moon was mirrored by a false one that charged towards earth in the shape of a parabola. Only when it was nearest to the surface - so that craters could be seen with the naked eye - did it take off in the opposite direction and miss collision with our planet.

Sorry for the long post, but I was just wondering if anyone else had similar dreams or maybe some input as to what two moons in a dream could mean.

I am not that great of a dream interpreter, but I go upon interpreting my own dreams.
I think what it means is some possible issue or problem has been, or will be, solved. It could be more on a general sense, so if you could give me a little bit more background information, I could possibly be able to determine why two moons appeared. It could mean that something that you may view as destructive really isn’t. But don’t 100% take my word for it. The real moon symbolizes your intuition, or the reality of your life. Just as with the interpretations you applied to the two suns, you could also apply a very similar interpretation to the two moons. It possibly implies two different aspects of yourself (keep in mind I’m working with my intuition as well), or two different aspects of your life in general.
You should also look at these three videos.

I often dream about music, and often times these songs have a profound meaning to my life, and to the dreams that they’re in.

Did the fake moon also develop from a hole in the sky? If so, bingo. :tongue:

Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. It makes sense to me that issues should soon be resolved because I’m pretty optimistic by nature… only sometimes waking life gets the better of me haha. So maybe my dreams help keep me positive. I checked out the movies and they also shed some light on the topic of interpretation.

The moon didn’t come from a hole in the sky like the sun. When I looked up at the sky (in the daytime) there were already two moons. I felt that the moon represented something deep, hidden and subtle like emotions because of how it is supposed to control the oceans and in turn Earth’s weather patterns… a subtle force with a huge impact in the longer run whereas the Sun’s presence is dominant and works in more of a “real time” frame.

the artificial sun is the old style monitors, tv, pc,

i had this vision too

they have an energy field which flatscreens do not.

Do you mean as in the way we view/observe our world or the quality in which we watch the game? lol

I’ve been interpretting my dreams for many years now and find it very useful, it is almost like a hobby for me now, a new adventure every night :smile: I would encourage others to do it too

A very symbolic dream indeed. But very difficult to interpret since it is very personal to you. :razz: I do also believe that the moon represent that deeper part of you, emotions and intuition. Perhaps it is trying to tell you to get in touch with that other side of you so that you live completely in balance. My guess, the sun represented the physical aspect where you put most of your focus towards and the moon your innerself/emotions. :razz: Hard to say really. The false moon could also be a reflection of the other artifical sun. Just like how the IRL moon reflects the lights of the sun.

I just noticed it has been a couple years since this topic was first posted lol. Hopefully you’ve already found your answer.