Suneye Failure

Well I haven’t posted here in awhile but recently I had the most vivid and long LD out of no where, and it sparked my interest in LDs again. Well now that I have the whole summer I can devote every night to LD’ing. Last night I tried the Suneye method, and heres what happened:
I went to sleep at 1:00AM and set the alarm for 7:00. I woke up, listened to the radio with headphones in my room for an hour, and by the end of the hour I was fully energized. When it was time to go back to bed, my mind was FILLED with LD type desire and intentions. I happen to be really good at focusing on my 3rd Eye, so I did that for a while. After about 15 minutes, my left foot started tingling, and my arm had a really big tingling sensation. As I sat there like a fool thinking im on to something for like 30 minutes, I found out my arm was asleep and thats what was causing the tingling. But whats wierd is it was resting on my stomach, nothing cutting off circulation. Well to sum up the rest of the time, I couldnt get to sleep and my mind was racing so I rolled over and went to sleep. I didnt have an LD :sad: . I was pretty pissed off because I just took my Bio Regents and couldnt concentrate. Anyone know what Im doing wrong?
BTW: I know my dreamsigns, My Mother and Water, and I keep a DJ.

It takes some practice to WBTB/WILD (suneye method). Don’t jump to the conclusion too fast. You’re doing it just fine except that you have been awake way too long in my opinion. Try to go to bed for 6 hours then wake up for other 30 minutes then attempt WBTB/WILD or suneye method. I think it’ll help you a lot.

Remember it takes some practice, if you don’t succeed at first, keep practicing! :smile: Don’t give up my friend. You’re getting there.

Lieve dromen (sweet dreams)! :wiske:

Also, try doing it between 5 o’clock and 8 o’clock in the morning. I have heard that should be a good time for lucid dreaming.

I have tried the suneye method two times and succeded both of them (the second time, i fell asleep and then in a dream noticed i was dreaming…).

My tip for you is not to give up too early thinking you’ll never going to sleep. Both times i’ve fallen to sleep in about an hour, but when lying there trying to sleep it feels like a cuple of hours and i were close to give up a few times (i’m glad i didn’t)

Though, everyone is different so i think it’s good to try other time lenghts to be awake aswell.

Good luck.