SUNEYE Method for inducing LD & OBEs

Hello everyone,

My name is Joe Russa (SUNEYE). I have seen that many people have been having trouble with the SUNEYE Method.

First, let me start of by saying that I HARDLY ever make public appearances on the Internet or any where else. The only reason I am doing so is due to the interest of the public to find more information regarding this method.

Now, the actual SUNEYE site has been closed down for a while now. The reason for that is due to me trying to perfect the technique. I will reopen a new site some time this summer 2005 because I truly believe that I have found what is needed to have LDs and OBEs.

While you can find some of the original methods (illegaly ;o) on the Internet, a lot of it have been revamped, even though, the basic system remains the same (Sleep for 6 hours, stay awake for 1 hour, and go back to sleep using the Third Eye focus technique).

I have noticed that many people have problems going back to sleep or some other feeling uncomfortable with the sit-up method. All of this will be addressed when the new methods comes out. Until then, if you feel you have any questions regarding the original methods, I would be happy to help.

Joe Russa (SUNEYE)

Welcome to LD4all SUNEYE :happy:

On the dutch forum we actually have a BIG Suneye topic :wink:

Thanks for dropping by and explaining more about your technique, I look forward to reading your posts.

Can you explain step-by-step how these methods work? I don’t know much about suneye.

What is the Dutch forum and where do you locate it?

Bottom of the page, forum index:

Yea, I’ve been trying the suneye technique for a few days now, but I find it extremely uncomfortable. For some reason, While I focus on the third eye, I cannot keep my eyelids closed easily… It usually just keeps me awake.

Thanks for the update :smile:

Hi Joe,
Although i haven’t been succesful with the SUNEYE technique im having clearer thoughts since using the technique for lucid dreaming.

here is BIG SunEye topic on dutch forum.

it’s LD4all but then the dutch version :content:

Maybe I inadvertently do this tech when WILDing. I have this problem, I hate it. I can’t keep my eyes closed.


If I undertand well “Third Eye focus technique” is Yoga method?

Can you SUNEYE, or anyone else, tell me where I can find more about “Third Eye focus technique”?
In which Yoga book I can find more?

My friend have 11 yoga books and I could not find anything about “Third Eye focus technique” in this 11 book.
So, I was searching wrong books.


The main Suneye thread is there:
[url]The BIG Suneye Topic - part II]
You can find files about this method and the “third eye” method.

I know that and I have that files.

But I want to learn more about “third eye” method only (not only in SUNEYE context) and this method was invented by yogis.

So, I did ask about any yoga book (or any book) where I can find more about “third eye” method?!

I did search but I can’t find any book?
Help me!!!