superman vs dbz

what about the good old “flap your arms” method :grin: Don’t deny your classics people :biggrin:

btw i split all the DBZ rocks/sucks posts into a new one to the lounge where you can discuss why DBZ is/isn’t the best cartoon created in this universe.

Yeah I love floating around. I float around when I am to lazy to walk. It’s so fun also.

sry, i haven’t checked the post in a while oneiromancer. But when i crashed into the water it wasn’t gravity pulling my down. but i did kinda lose my ability to fly. i didn’t just fall straight down, it was like when a plane crashes, i still had the momentum going foward but i couldn’t fly anymore and started falling really fast. made a big splash :grin: . luckily it was only water under me instead of concrete. that would of hurt :bored: . maybe i should practice a little more before trying to fly fast.

interesting, i was just asking because i’ve lost the ability to fly before while in the air, but i sorta floated softly to the ground instead of you know… plumetting

and pasQuale… flap your arms? i think you’ll understand if i say “no comment” on that one :cool:

lol, i wish i would of floated. but because it was water under me, it was still kind of fun falling, it felt good for some reason. kind of a rush :content: .

I get a rush most of the time when I jump of high things such as cliffs. I do this a lot. I try and see how close I can stop above the ground. I use to crash but I got it down pretty good now. I’ll stop and then think “One more time” so I go back up and do it again.
It really gets DC’s when I’m walking with them next to a cliff and I realize I’m dreaming so I jump off. I fly off sometimes instead of just falling.

Heh, yeah. I don’t have an elavator in my house so it’s really cool to float up the stairs :bounce: I don’t know why I wake when I’m too fast though… Probably because I’m still new to this and I get too excited :smile:

Ed is an oddball, that’s why I like her :mrgreen_hat: