superman vs dbz

ok, when i see people post on here a lotta the times when they realize they’re dreaming they say they take off “superman style”

[rant]now superman style of flight is just so graceless, and i’m sorry if it’s your method of choice but i think i’d look like quite a tool with my arms out in front of me like that. i always preferred the dragon ball z style of flight with your arms by your sides[/rant]

i think somebody said on this board that the superman style of flight was indeed faster, and when i became lucid last night i tested that theory.

first i took off superman style (despite the fact that i felt like a tool doing it) and then i landed and took off dbz style with my hands by my side. they felt about the same speed, so i guess it all comes down to a matter of preference


:grin: :cool_laugh: :grin: :cool_laugh:
I’m not sure if you’re being serious but the attainable speed in a dream for any means of travel is limitless. You could powerwalk faster than a speeding bullet if you wanted.

And as for the dbz vs superman, I’ve never seen dbz.

As for looking like a tool, if anyone actually saw you by some miraculous event. I think they’d be thinking “WTF that guys flying!” and not “OMG that flying guy looks like a tool!”

what what if i take these skills i learned in my dreams and have an OBE, all the advanced beings would laugh at me if they saw me go superman :sad:

heh, you gotta just download an episode of dragonball z to see what i’m talking about. there’s a style of flight that… well… has style :cool:

oh yeah… if you’ve seen matrix reloaded, the way neo flies = roughly dbz style, i never liked his heavy landings and how it took so much power to take off though, but whatever

Couldn’t I just guess what it would look like?

isn’t that self explanitory? :grin:

How would the advanced beings react if I launched myself ass first out of a toaster, powderedtoastman style?

I think advanced beiings will laugh at dragon bull**** Z more then at superman :happy: omg this cartoon is just so enormously horrible… lol (ok this is offcourse just my opinion…)


advanced beings? wtf are ya guys talking about.

Lol, you guys got problems :tongue:
If I´d see some higher being I´d be like “WOOOOW, what´s that?!” and not like “oh, how embarrasing, I must look really stupid flying like that”.

Anyway, for the fun of it:
Superman style really looks stupid.
I haven´t ever payed attention, but I can remember at least one time flying with the arms close at my sides at very high speed.
Usually I don´t have any special “position” for flying, no need to avoid air-resistance :wink:


so u guys ment with advanced beings what i thought u ment like spiritual beings like more then humans like ?? tell me more if u really met them and traumganger yeah i would think wtf a higher being lets find out what its upto and try to communicate with it ,rather then worry what its thinking about my flying style :cool_laugh:

ok i was being a bit sarcasic. offcourse they dont care… :crazy:

r3dman, i’ve never encountered any spiritual beings (actually, that might be debatable, but i’m sticking w/ that story for now) but some people on this board talk about meeting their spirit guide (who is a being from another plane of an existence as i understand it) in their dreams. that’s something i’ve been trying to do lately

i tried to contact my spirit guide in my last LD, but i guess i wasted most of my lucidity comparing superman vs dbz flight cause when i remembered about the spirit guide thing i woke up :eh:

but yeah r3dman there’s a sticky topic about it in beyond dreaming, here’s a link

xetrov, i can appreciate sarcasm, but you talked bad about dbz and that’s just hurtful man :sad: i mean if it wasn’t for dbz, i might be flying look a tool :neutral:

I would say DBZ, superman sucks. As for the speed, it’s all up to you.
I fly like DBZ style in a way. You know when they want to go fast they make that energy appear around them then they are off. I do that.

DBZ is a kick ass cartoon. Like I said superman sucks. He’s so mighty but one little flake of a rock and he’s helpless oh come on.

If you love DBZ you should play there game for PS2 Dragonball Z Budokai.

last night i became lucid and tried out these 2 methods. At first i was flying the superman way and then suddenly remembered this post. I then tried it with my hands at the side and i went a whole lot faster than i ever did(maybe because i had the cartoon in mind :content: ). but im not that good at flying so i soon crashed with a lot of force into the water below :smile: . it was fun though.



can you describe your crash to me. like were you up in the air and just lost the ability fly and gravity wasn’t kind?

Man… anyone from dbz can kick the fuk out of superman…

i fly the dbz way… but i’m not sure if it goes faster than the superman way…
but i think it depends more on how fast you want to go… not on what style you want to fly… :grin:

lol this is the funniest post ever!

I don’t like DBZ or Superman (sheesh people kiddie cartoons here watch the real animes!!) ok don’t flame for that but I think the flying superman style looks stupid and whats important to me is how I think of myself. The first and only flight I had (read sig below) was executed DBZ style (or Matrix style as i thought of it, whatever) but only after floating up for a little bit (yeah I had some trouble controlling it). What’s fun is I flew right through a car into the back seat of some red minivan (heh heh). Next time I fly I’ll try to remember to stretch my arms out (like a T…) and fly like that because I think that would be most fun. For now my opinion on DBZ vs Superman is… DBZ…

And why did you start this post in the first place…

Flying too fast just makes me wake up, so I hardly use it. All I do is the occasional flaoting (DBZ style… Superman doesn’t float much :smile: ).

true, ain’t nothing wrong with floating, especially when you’re too lazy to take the stairs, but why do you wake up when you fly too fast?

cowboy bebop kicks ass btw, i used to not like ed, but then she grew on me

The peter pan flying method beats DBZ and Superman like a red-headed Step child!

blasphemy!!! but before i try and behead you for heresy, i will let you describe this peter pan style to the court.