Swapping Bodies

What if two people had an OBE at the same time and attempted to go back into the other person’s body? Of course, a lot of people believe (and sometimes see) an astral cord that connects you to your own body, but what if you could cut this cord then enter someone else? It would be a strange thing to try.

That’s what I thought about, too.
Not swapping bodies but…You know, meeting with someone who also has an OBE.

I think it would be interesting.

I’m a skeptic about these kinds of things, but I always like to wonder “what if?”

I think it’d be cool to switch bodies with someone for a little while, just as long as you could easily return to your own body.

Trouble is, I don’t have any friends that can OBE. Otherwise I’d try it XD

I wouldn’t think it would be possible cause of the whole silver cord thing, but always worth a try!!! :smile:

The silver cord is just a human mental construct. It has no fundamental existence. There is no body in the astral plane. It’s a metaphor. It’s something that we imagine because we’re used to seeing ourselves as a body with the shape of a human body. If you look at your hands in an OOBE, they’re probably going to melt. It’s just you, Your consciousness , viewing information, all the rest is in our minds.

“We see only what we choose to see”, If swapping bodies would be possible, would that not mean that we could live forever by overtaking somebody elses body and in that way keep staying young? :smile:

…And I thought I’m psycho.