Swedish Lessons

Even though most of this topic will be in Swedish, you are still expected to keep the thread on topic and keep to the usual LD4all guidelines

:welcome: This is your first lesson of Swedish.
And remember if you learn Swedish you can understand other Scandinavian languages like Norwegian :razz:

So let’s begin with the Alphabet and here it is;

Notice the 3 letters at the end Å Ä and Ö, good now you know the alphabet :grin:

We can begin with a famous quote by Descartes “Jag tänker, alltså finns jag”, Descartes died in Sweden

“Jag tänker, alltså finns jag” = “Je pense donc, je suis” = “cogito ergo sum” = “I think, therefore I am” :grin:

A small dialogue

Valentin: Hej!
Magnus: Hej!
Valentin: Vad heter du?
Magnus: Jag heter Magnus och du?
Valentin: Jag heter Valentin, Hejdå!
Magnus: Hejdå!

Valentin: Hi!
Magnus: Hi!
Valentin: What is your name?
Magnus: My name is Magnus and you?
Valentin: My name is Valentin, Goodbye!
Magnus: Goodbye!

Ok, now we can start with some words;

Hi = Hej
Goodbye = Hejdå
My name is = Jag heter
What is your name? = Vad heter du?
Lucid dream = Klardröm
Dream = dröm
Nighmare = mardröm
Good Night = God Natt
Alarm Clock = Väckarklocka

For you hwo not have Å Ä Ö on your keybord you can use:
In norway and danmarke we use:


jag heter Ness.

God natt. (it’s relly morning, but I don’t know how to say good morning so… it must me night somewhere?:D) )

Good morning = God morgon

Hej allihop! Jag er norsk, men vi kan prata svenska vi ochså (tror vi sjelva i alla fall :razz: ) Hur mår ni drømmare i dag ?

(Hello everyone! I am norwegian, but we can speak swedish too( at least, that’s what WE think :razz:) How are you dreamers today?)

Almost right, in swedish it is;

Hej allihop! Jag är norsk, men vi kan prata svenska vi också (tror vi själva i alla fall :razz: ) Hur mår ni drömmare i dag ?

Good Kenneth :grin:

Jeg kan ikke snakke norsk :razz:

Great !

A swedish lesson !

Let everybody talk a scandinavian language .

Norwegians = nordbaggar

Right ? :tongue:

(swedish sounds like german)
vad heter du?
wie heißt du?
it’s not the same off course but it’s close

Undrar hur många som egentligen kan svenska här? Kommer inte på någonting annat att skriva… :roll:

//edit// translation -> Wonder how many many people here know swedish? Can’t think of anything else to type… :roll:

… add translation for non swedish PPL plz:P

Petter: You could always start Norwegian Lessons :wink:
sirius)(black: yep swedish sounds like german sometimes.

yes = ja
no = nej

0 zero = noll
1 one = ett
2 two = två
3 three = tre
4 four = fyra
5 five = fem
6 six = sex
7 seven = sju
8 eight = åtta
9 nine = nio
10 ten = tio
Substantive - singular and plural

ett bord = one table
två bord = two tables

en dator = one computer
två datorer = two computers

ett äpple = one apple
två äpplen = two apples

en dröm = one dream
två drömmar = two dreams

en bok= one book
två böcker= two books

Sometime it says “en” and sometimes it says “ett” I’m sorry but there is no rule for when to use what

:lol: MorMor!

Well, I can always give you this link: https://www.slayradio.org/mastering_swedish.php
It’s an english radio show, and they make a poor guy repeat wierd swedish phrases.

I can give you some words while I’m still posting:

mormor = grandmother (mother’s mother) [en mormor, två mormödrar]
marmor = marble
farmor = grandmother (father’s mother)
farstu = vestibule, entrance hall
stuga = cabin, cottage [en stuga, två stugor]

Ahhaha, this is interesting. Not that’s useful for me, coz I’m fluent in Swedish, but still. grins

Even though most of this topic will be in Swedish, you are still expected to keep the thread on topic and keep to the usual LD4all guidelines (posts have been removed from the topic)

This is a great topic ^^
I can understand it pretty well actually; but making self sentences is a lot harder I think.

Maybe because it looks like german and german looks like Dutch I can understand it a bit :tongue:

Hehe, here comes my poor swedish! :razz:

Hej! :smile:

Jag ar Hradska och jag har varit i Svarige. Jag studera svenska, men jag ar inte bra! Jag gillar klara dromma :smile:
Min van fran Malmo ska visita mig, och vi vill prata bara svenska or tjechiska, och jag tanker att dat ska vara katastrof!
Kramar! :smile:

hehe, did anyone understand that? :razz: (NOTE: dont take that as sample sentenses, cause the grammar is all wrong!!!)

BTW: the difference between en and ett is that en is used for most of the nouns (female and male ones) and ett for only the neutral class. The problem is, you actually have to learn what class each word belongs to(female, male, neutral), cause no rule applies here. Or I think atleast hehe, but i am too lazy to memorize that hehe

Hradska, I’d say you are doing quite well with Swedish :content:

trout = forell
truit = ???



i’ll translate:
i’m Hradska and i study swedish, and the rest i don’t understand:P

I am Hradska … I study Swedish, and when I’m in my bed! (;p)I’m going to Lucid Dream :smile:
When my friend (?) visits me we talk swedish or tsjechish. As you can think of it can be a disaster.

How did I do it? :hyper:

That’s not bad I understood what you meant :smile:
But it is not fully correct, it should be like this;

Hej! :smile:

Jag är Hradska och jag har varit i Sverige. Jag studerar svenska, men jag är inte bra! Jag gillar klardrömmar :smile:
Min vän från Malmö ska besöka mig och vi vill bara prata svenska och tjeckiska och jag tror att det kommer bli en katastrof.
Kramar! :smile:


Hi! :smile:

I am Hradska and I have been in Sweden. I study Swedish, but I’m not good! I likes lucid dreams :smile:
My friend from Malmö is going to visit me and we only wants to talk swedish and czech and I think that it will be a disaster.
Hugs! :smile: