swirling stars

Back when I was a kid I almost always instantly got the image like I was traveling through space when I closed my eyes. I would not be surprised if there was a name for this phenomenon and it was widely known, I’m just courious what it is.
It’s like the old windows screensaver
but with much more stars.
Nowdays I still get it although much rarely. Does anyone know the name of this so I can learn more about it?

This is part of the HI that I experience every night. I don’t travel through the stars but they travel through me. At least that is how I interpret it. Also, I don’t see them as stars. More like static. I think I am too literal with my interpretations… Could this keep me from an LD? Off topic I know, sorry.

i have this very strongly too, and i just today found out the name for them, their called Phosphenes, here is a link to another ld4all thread on the topic:

[Phosphenes and hypnagogic imagery)

their pretty imo.

Yeah I can do this too. At will too. I just close my eyes and I kinda squint my eyes and then Imagine wanting too do it

Haha I use to get em all the time too!
I think its somewhat related to being kid and having a better imagination. When I’m going wild in the my mind thinking up random crazy stuff I get em sometimes. And others I can just squeeze my eyes really tight and see em

Can you see them with your eyes open? If it is a sunny day, or I am looking at a monitor, I see little spots of light that move around and disappear very quickly. Always wondered what they were.