Sword Play

God, If theres one thing in this world i would die to have it would be a sword. So obisuly i am going to try and summon one in a ld.

But what i was wondering do skills such as sword play and strength come completley mastered upon entering a LD/ Summoning a sword or is it like real life were you must learn unless commanding the dream other wise.

all respones help.

thanks, W!zzFx LD :mrgreen_hat:

Are you planning to use Katana’s :tongue: They are the best sword in the world, they are ideal for both one handed and two hadedness, and they are light and quick and are extremely deadly. :devil: I havent gotten a lucid dream yet, so I dont know how it would work, But anyway, When I do get a lucid dream im going to use it to hone my fighting skills too :smile:

More or less, i’m going to create the perfect sword with special powers. completely unfiar by me =D

From what I’ve noticed (I’ve only had 1 ‘real’ LD), you dont master it as much as the other people seem really bad. Your reflexes and strength will be better though, but your dream can’t teach you technique unless you already know it subconciously.

If you mean “Can LD swordplay skills be transferrable to waking life sword skills, if you didn’t already have waking life sword skills?” I’d say definitely not!

But if you’re wondering if you have to train in an LD before becoming a master in an LD, I’d say that depends on the symbolic significance and how attuned you are with your SC.

Some people take to lucid flight like a fish takes to water. Others have to work at it, because they don’t take themselves lightly and flight represents being carefree to them, or are uncomfortable with improvisation and flight represents unplanned movement and action to them, or a billion other tiny reasons, of which aerodynamics might only be part of one. So, actual strength and form might play a very small part, if any (in my opinion.)

Coincidentally, I’m incubating new dream weapons, too! A katana with a white handle named Mercy, and an accompanying wakizashi with a black handle named Justice. I would use the former for larger-scale battles and the latter for one-on-ones, but Justice would grow to the same size as Mercy for special cases that I’d use both. I’d call the dual-wielding technique Full Understanding. A modern branch of Japanese swordsmanship called shinkendo is rumored to have such a technique for advanced students, but I think I’ll wing it. The only technical rule in my swordplay is, if the slaughter isn’t done in the spirit of the swords’ names, then they just won’t cut, and might not even come out of their sheathes if I pull them.

Hmm, Interesting. I like the last part about they wont work unless what being done is being done in their name’s meaning. I was more or less was going to create 4 different knights, each with their own attribute and special sword. But when i was only my self i would be most in tune with the dream world. (then efficiently i would rule gondor.=] ) But, what if i just said, “Dream, make me a master of the sword with 1000 years of practice.” would it do anything?

Only one way to find out :wink:

Be careful what you wish for. I had one ND about a month ago that was very vivid. It started off like a video game dream much like zelda, but then became very realistic and 1st person. I found myself exploring an old castle and suddenly came across a man who wanted to kill me. I was holding a sword and so was he, so we started fighting. You have to remember that all a sword is is a really large knife, so if you are hit even once you could bleed out and die. I was horrified. It was nothing like it seems in games or movies, we were both scared. Eventually I swung at him, hit him in the side and the sword didn’t go through him, it bounced off like I hit him with a bat only when I pulled it back there was a large open gash in his side. He was done then, but I finished him off by thrusting it into his torso, which took some force.

I didn’t feel bad then, but when I woke up and recalled it it was pretty creepy.

Lol, if you’ve never held a sword before, believe me, its not something your going to get used to quickly (depending on the skill of your opponent). Your willpower in a dream determines your effectiveness with the weapon, and dream stability is something your going to need as well, or unexpected things could happen.
When i first got back into lucid dreaming, i had a dream where i had a fistfight with an asian guy, from his skill, i called him a ninja :tongue:
i tried fighting him for practice, but since my stability in the dream was low, my muscles felt as if they were being weighed down and my fighting was significantly affected by it. I couldnt keep up with the guy, and so i couldnt beat him, only hold him off. Even worse, if a persons never held an actual blade, they might just be a bit unskilled in actual fighting, but will probably manage pretty well depending on how quickly the person learns, and their own ability to learn in general.

I always wanted a sword to impersonate that badassness of Altaïr. No, not Ezio, all Ezio does is just dance around with his sword and yell “yo momma is fat” with italian accent. Altaïr really seems to put all of his wits into the battle.

(I`m talking about Assassins Creed)

That does seem interesting as I have used katanas in NDs but not in any LDs.
I’m not even a big sword fan, I prefer knives if I have to use melee range weapons and I overall like long weapons like polearms and halberds. Now this is theoretically speaking as I haven’t used any of those outside of my screwed up imagination.