Synchronicity of music, and movies...

Im sure some are fermilar with “Darkside of Oz” where the album “Darkside of the moon” synchronisis with the movie “Wizzard of Oz” there are alot of coincidences between the two if you start the C.D. at the end of the third MGM lion roar. Well this phenomon works with allmost any movie/C.D. Ive done it with Dave Matthews “Crash” album, and “Toy story 2” I was blown away at how many coincidences I found. I remmber one time we put it “Wizzard of Oz”, and we had a mixed music C.D. and it still worked. Allso there is this one I found. Notice when it says “Dig that hole” the dog runs down the shelter, and when it says “Foget the sun” the lantern glows. It just fasinates me. Some coincidences are weaker then others, but I have done this, and seen so many amazing coincidences. It is allso a great practice, or excersize to strenthen your phychic awareness. Im going to start doing it everyday just to keep my third eye sharp. Its the universe.

The Dark Side of the Rainbow.

My favorite is the “Great Gig in the Sky” tornado sequence.

The slow piano intro fits the mood perfectly, and If you have timed it correctly, the song kicks in just as the tree gets torn out of the ground and hell breaks loose.

However, the rest is a load of rubbish.

Still, interesting to watch, though.

Yea I loved the Great gig part. Time was awsome allso. Have you ever noticed in the begining of the movie when its talking about “Wizzard of Oz” that the word “Time” starts with a capatale T, and its not at the beggining of a sentence?

The whole concept of The Dark Side of the Rainbow is all very alluring.

I mean, by the time they made Dark Side of the Moon, they had already scored five films, so they were very experienced in making soundtracks.

But, they did deny it. Then again, if they ever comfirmed it, it would certainly lose it’s allure.

I still think it’s a coincidence, though.