Hi fans,

i recently had this really remarkable thing happening.
I decided to take a walk in the town cause i was pretty bored. So i went out and didnt know where i should go. so i just started walking and then a crow flew over my head, shreaking. That gave me the idea to walk everywhere i would see a crow. i did that for about 15 minutes and i saw a whole bunch of crows flying left and right over my head. then i saw one flying left of my over a street. i followed… around the corner i saw the crow dissappearing behind a house. so i stood in front of that house and that was when i saw that underneath some ivy there was a huge picture of a big black bird (a raven). I got a gooseflesh. i stood there for a few seconds, making a realitycheck (negative) and was even more astonished when i realized that i was awake. i went back home not seeing another crow. the whole thing is even more weird since i’ve been dreaming about ravens a lot lately, i even met my dreamguide (which was a raven). the whole thing so much seemed to be connected in some sense, I’d love to hear what you guys think about that. Anyone had similar experiences?


The crows seem to be calling my name, thought Caw.

Deep thoughts. Hmm… story sounds interesting, but I don’t know what to make of it. :neutral:

Im sure there was a post about ravens and crows some time ago.bad bad memory of mine,i cant remember the proper title ,neither could i find it for you.But it is definately sowhere in the forum…maybe some of the regulars would remember?
It was about this guy who saw ravens in a dream and then he kept on seeing them in RL and was afraid they comin for him:)
Im sorry for my disabled head:)

Well i just like the word Synchronicity, im not sure about the crowes, reminds me something like Donnie Darko(i watched last night, when i was shit face drunk). Im not sure if you seen it, but a rabbit talks to him while he’s sleeping or sleep walking :eek: . And the movie just gets weird ffrom there, but the point im trying to make has nothing to do with DC’s or animals. The time when i hit synchronicity, are weird, like if im stuck on a word, a person will come up to me and have a whole subject about where i was stuck at. There more cases that had like this or much weirder, but i just cant think of anything else :bored: Intresting story :content:

This thread sounds eerily familiar:


Hubbs, you should have known that!! It was you who started the last thread…hehee.

The ‘bird’ thing is in there, it was by Silvia and can be found on the first page…not crows though. I did get a deja-vu feeling when reading your post though Raven!


I thought it was another cool way of saying Coincidences :cool: , im not the type of person that kills thread for that :content:, that’s your job :content: ,you do have a point though;-) .
Im to nice, I hate it! :grrr:

Thanks for that link…

just yesterday i took another walk after midnight (i just wanted to know how it feels to take a walk in the dark). So i decided i wanted to go to that house again and see if anything happens. so i walked there but i couldnt find that house again. the town i live in is really not that big (70.000). i walked around in that particular part of town for half an hour and didnt find find that damn house. i can tell ya that was pretty scary. then i arrived at a house where i was absolutely sure that this was THE house, no raven though…

Somehow reminds me of the threat “LDing … insanity” :help:

Well, i think i will take a closer look tomorrow in the light of day.

Greeting :smile:


Sure, I’ve had crazy synchronised dreams. I actually had a dream about having a sister, like the morning that mum tells me that I’m going to have a younger sister. And I’ve had a couple of others over the years which I can’t quite remember right now. Too tired. Going to sleep. :sleep:

my mom dreamt about me coming home, just some days prior deciding i was going home, i was in Australia then, and she in Croatia.