T.V. In LD's

Hey I signed up in like 2006 and have recently gotten into lucid dreaming and stuff again.

Anyways anyone turned on a TV in a lucid dream and if yes what came on? Next time I have one im gonna do that and turn to the ‘future’ channel or something like that and see if I can veiw the future.

i once saw a weird place in LD TV. as i kept watching it, i entered that location. the transition may affect your lucidity

I’ve seen a TV in one of my first LD’s and it didn’t work… it made some weird sound and the screen was broken (blurry snow).
Laptops sometimes have the same problem…Ohw and cellphones too. :tongue: (without the snow lol, they just don’t work)

I don’t often dream of TV’s. I do remember this dream of a TV with some kind of video game being played. I decided to enter the video game. That was fun. :cool:
Yeah, so aside from viewing interesting things in them, I think they’d make good portals.

I once saw a TV in a supermarket. I knew it was a dream so no one would stop me from watching a full HD 1080p LCD :lol: I remember there was an extremely funny TV Show and I really enjoyed it. The best thing is that, somehow, I saw the full 50min of this show.
PS: This show does not exist IRL, I’ve searched the name of it and some of the characters over the internet with no results. I do not actually enjoy getting through portals to a new world using this kind of portals, usually I just close my eyes and get myself where I want to.
Now I’m waiting for the second episode :woo:

TV in dreams generally is always weird. I can’t really think of any good examples, not even from lucid dreaming. I just remember one time the same thing was on all channels. Though I’ve noticed a tendency for the shows to get a bit… adult, in NDs. In LDs I can have trouble working the set, but I should realize there is no need to actually change channels. You can just think it and the subject changes, which explains my earlier observation.

I have played with the thought of just sitting and watching TV in a LD, and tried it too, but I got distracted. Though, I am not very good at staying asleep, so I hesitate to sit and watch TV when there is so much more active stuff to do. If I had lots of time in the dream I would try to just hang out and watch TV, eating all kinds of good things and drinking soda like it’s going out of style.

It’s fun to try to follow a story that is being “written” as you go along. I remember this from a ND when I thought it made no sense. I think.

Out of intrest what was the show called and about?

I remember turning on a TV in a lucid dream before. I found that all it showed were weird and random commercials, such as a commercial with the guy from the credit card debt commercials, who was driving a racecar around :eek:

I had an LD today, and I came across a T.V. in it. There was a clown standing on a porch, and the screen was sort of staticy, it had kind of an eerie effect. Then I said “show me the future” and pushed the change channel button, but it just went back to the thing with the clown.

That’s creepy!!! I hope that doesn’t happen to me. Were you scared with the clown?

I didn’t realy get scared by it. Maybe if it starting coming out of the TV or interacted with me somehow. I just got bored and moved on to something else.

[edit] I just had another LD today during a brief nap and again saw a tv in it, this time it was just playing some commercial for I don’t remeber what. I think it just went to another commercial when I tried chaning the channel.