Takes forever!

So, I just started this whole LD thing :smile: I’ve been trying WILD but I’ve never gotten to the point of HI. I think it’s because my body takes so long to go into SP; I’ve only gotten to a state where my body is hard to move, but can be moved. I’ve gotten up to eight hundred counts (I was counting slowly) without getting to SP.

Is this because I’m too excited? Do I need to relax more? Am I concentrating too hard? Does anyone take this long to go into SP?

Hey LyssyLew, Welcome :smile:

Well, it usually takes a while to get to SP, specially when your just starting at it, but the secret is not to get impatient. Just relax, enjoy the felling of relaxation, keep your focus and it will come. If it really does not come, don’t worry, turn to your side and go to sleep, but have in mind that you just gained more experience and that in your next WILD you’ll get to SP.
Also, maybe you could try to change your ‘tech’. Many people use visualization instead of counting, or use some other kind of counting, or focus on nothing, try different things, something may work better for you. :smile:

Thanks! What type of visualizations do people use?

Do you do it from “wide awake” or do you wake up after 4.5/6/7.5 hours of sleep for getting into REM immediatly?

Because yes, it can take up to I think like 2 hours before you WILD without WBTB. Iirc, one guy who did it from really WIDE AWAKE (as in, he was very fit etc) WILDed in 3 hours. It takes 1.5-2 hours (iirc) without WBTB. Do it with WBTB. Harr for WBTB. I say WBTB too much. One last time: WBTB.


I try doing it straight from being awake, but I also tried during the day twice (Isn’t doing it in the daytime reccomended?) since I was very tired.

So I should try WBTB tonight? Do I have to stay up for a certain amount of time or can I just fall straight into WILD?

For the visualization, you try visualizing anything, lika an object. Get an object before sleeping look at it and keep it in your mind while you WILD. Touch it, feel it(in your mind) look at the details, it can help you maintain focus.

For WBTB, I’m not a fan of it. It works for most people, but with me is better going straight to bed. But try it! The only WBTB I do is when I wake up in the middle of the night, just get some water and go back to bed to have a WILD. But it’s recomended to wake up about 5 hours after you go to sleep, stay up for at least 30 minutes, and then go for your WILD.
Try this all out, and see what happens.

Thanks! Why is it that people in can’t perform a WILD when they first go to sleep?

It’s not that they can’t, it’s just that it’s harder for most people. Maybe cause you body isn’t that tired to fall asleep, and specially cause you don’t enter REM sleeping at first. That’s why it’s easier with WBTB, sleeping only 5 hours and wakin up, your body will be very tired, and your REM sleep will be longer. But it definatelly IS possible to WILD when first going to bed ^^

When exactly are you trying to WILD? It just wont work in 90% of the cases if you try it in evning without any sleep on beforehand. This is because you do not enter REM sleep in the eearly stages of sleep. The best time to WILD is after atleast 3-4 hours of sleep, so waking up in the night or early morning would be a good time to try it.
It might also work fine during your naptimes in daytime.

It is still possible in the evning, but it is very hard thing to do compared to after some sleep.

If I go to sleep at 1AM, is it okay to wake up at 5AM and go into WILD? I really don’t want to wait thirty min or more.

I tried last night (my first night of trying), yesterday afternoon (since I was really tired. I did experience REM but no SP) and this afternoon.

Also, can I try MILD while trying WILD? Like, can I practice MILD when going to bed, but still set my alarm for WILD later in the night?

Actually that is how i do it. I skip the WBTB and proceed to WILD straight after i woke up. I guess this varies from person to person anyways.

Thanks! Can I sleep on my stomach?

Okay, so last night I told myself to wake up at 5AM. So I woke up, quickly read something in my dream journal about WILD, then attempted WILD again. I think I got better! I got to a point where my arm felt really numb, and it hurt a little. My neck and head hurt a little too (not like a head ache). My arm also started moving; my arms would sometimes come nearer to me, but in a sort of twitching way. My arms felt really weird, too. It was like sometimes they felt so heavy, and sometimes they felt so light and relaxed. Then my head started getting sort of “tingles”, as well as my arms.

I couldn’t get passed this point after a long time, so I woke up (I didn’t get to SP :sad: ) and realised I had been attempting WILD for more than an hour and a half! Wow! Time really flies. I also figured out a tecnique that works for me, which I used that with a combo of counting and breathing. Then I fell back to sleep, and had a very strange ND.

Also, I always see these coloured blobs in front of me (my eyes are closed). Is that HI? And if it is, what do I “do” with it?

I have colored blobs every time i close my eyes, i thought its normal :confused:

No, that’s not HI. Those blobs are called “phosphenes”. As Sonic_Moronic says, you have those blobs quite immediatly when you close your eyes. HI is when you see suddenly appearing images in front of your eyes (faces, landscapes, etc.)

Ok, thanks. Was I close to an LD, or close to anything :confused:

You got close to a LD if I’m not mistaking. Being relaxed like that while focussing not to let your mind go is a good sign. You’ll get there, just practice a bit.

You have to enter the hypnagogic state, that is experiencing visual, auditory or somesthetic HH (somesthetic=falling, rolling or floating feelings) before entering a LD. If you don’t experience this, then you’re not close to a WILD.

I’m going to keep practicing! I’m very determined to have an LD :happy: