Taking a time-out...

To make it short…I really lack in motivation lately.

No dream recall, I don’t update my DJ, I’m not doing any techniques properly, not even a short WBTB,…

I want to take a little time-out, for about a week or so, in hope to regain some motivation. I plan to just stop for a while so that afterwards I can do the job again, motivated.

What I like to know is: What should I drop, what not? Should I stop making LD attempts (techniques), stop trying to get my DR back, stop visiting the forum, stop doing RC’s? How much is too much?

I’d love to hear some thoughts, suggestions or own experiences with taking breaks from LD’ing. :smile:

Ok, Leijona, see you when you’re back.

I must say that I also experience such periods, when I lack motivation. This happens especially during busy school schedules - there’s no time to think about LD’ing. That’s why 85% of my LD’s happen during the Summer, when I’m free to do what I want.

When I am determined to have LD’s, I usually ensure that I have a good dream recall (I fix that by writing in my DJ. The recall gets back almost instantly), also I begin to practice techniques - MILD, WILD and DILD (Doing RC’s intensively during the day). So getting back into LD’ing is not that hard, however, you must make sure you’re motivated. Try to think why you would like to have LD’s, what are you going to do during them, what’s the point in having them (maybe inspiration, fun etc).

I’ve had a couple of such periods as well. It’s like all your intentions turn out to be hollow promises that have no effect at all, WBTB alarms go by unnoticed and the DJ starts collecting dust.

The key for me was simply picking one technique that worked in the past and forget about all the rest for a while (there are so many techniques out there, that the deciding which one to pick can be very demotivating by itself).

I still don’t fully understand why, but starting to write in my DJ again always seems to end any dry-spell very quickly. Also looking for dream signs in the dreams I recall and reducing your LD-‘to do’-list to just one item worked well in addition to writing my DJ.

If you want to take a break from lucid dreaming you should simply stop everything associated with it that brings about stress.

For example, even when I’m on a break, I still occasionally write down dreams or visit the forum just to lurk (and, once in a while, post). That’s not what adds to any kind of stress as it’s mostly just socializing. But I don’t actively work on any techniques, nor do I do any awareness checks during the day and I don’t tend to discuss lucid dreaming a whole lot with other people.

Everyone is different, but if lucid dreaming becomes too taxing for whatever reason, just take as much of a break as you think you’re going to need. There’s no hard and fast rule about what exactly you should or shouldn’t do on a “break.” :smile:

Okay, thanks for your feedback! I think I’m going to stop with DR/DJ mainly…No good recall anyway at the moment, so that shouldn’t be such a big deal.

I’ll make sure to have a bit laid-back week. :smile: Though I’m a bit worried about all the hard work after that (mainly the whole awareness stuff…) I hope it’s the same for me as for you, Paulius and BeRightBack, that writing into my DJ again after this week will get me back into the habit soon! :smile: