Taking advantage of Hypnogia

I want some help exploiting this. I get mostly audible illusions, though.
I like using WILD and am on a dry spell. I hear some people can focus on the colors they see and they form a picture and they step into it…I may be wrong, but it sounds better than the crazy rush of insanity I get…


When I lay down, I pay attention to…my being…
The colors actually begin to disappear, and I usually hear things. Usually I hear talking in a crowded room…I recently was able to control it and change it into a saxophone. I’ll keep the noise for about 20 seconds, then it’ll slip. I’ll lie awake for roughly another minute and the sounds come back. It goes in a circle then I just lose consiousness at some point.

Sorry if there was already something like this post, but I didn’t see one…but help is appreciated!

I don’t believe using visual HI to step into a LD is necessarily better. If you get sound easily there should be a way for you to use that! :wink: The slipping away might be a little problem, but nothing a little practice to fix! I’ve been posting a lot about meditation recently, I’m still kind of new to it, but I think it would really help you. The mind gets calm and still and it’s more unlikely that you’ll slip. I also get that slipping sometimes, it sucks! :sad:

Anyway, if you hear a saxophone, after a while, you could start imagining what the sound is coming from. Try to imagine what the instrument and the player look like while playing. Imagine how the room is lit and what other sounds you hear, smells and stuff. Try to build the rest around the sound you already have.

Just an idea, I get sound too sometimes but never remember to try this :shy:

Good luck!

Hearing is a sense just like sight is, so I’m sure they can be used in the same way with practice ^^
The basic idea is mantaining consciousness during a stream of perceptory signals, until you’re sleeping and dreaming (in fact, one way is listening to the humming in the ears while dozing off); but the main problem is, most people encouraged a lot more if they get at the end of the WILD induction a displayed, mute scene instead of a black scene with sounds. Point is, you’re getting (partial) sensory from the dream in both cases, so it should be pretty much the same, one should be able to generate the missing sensory pretty quickly with a little imagination.
Personally, I would be thrilled if you managed to get a HS WILD ^^ Best of luck to you.