Taking drugs in your dream!

Some time ago, I (non-LD) dreamed about finding some Magic Mushrooms in the forest, and taking a bit of them. The fun was, that after a while (in fact, I almost forgot taking them), they really started ‘kicking in’!! I definitely started feeling very strange, realised it must have been the mushrooms, but after that the alarm-clock went off so that was it.

Has anybode else had experience with this? Could it be possible to get into really psychedelic things this way?


Oh yes. I once had a non-lucid dream in which I smoked weed… with my dad :eek: . We got really high, and even started to experience hallucinations. Waking life weed doesn’t beat dream weed it seems - and it doesn’t kill your dream recall :content: .

I posted an answer for you here: