Taking lsd in a dream

Took LSD in a lucid dream and it seemed to open me up to the possibilities of imagination. First time I ever heard colours.

I huffed laughing gas in my dreams before It felt very weird. Time seemed to stop for a few seconds then it was like it was normal again it did this a few times and then I would laugh uncontrollably and I was trying to stop because I started to have no control. And then it felt like I was going to die lol

Well in my opinion whatever you “take” in a lucid dream it’s going to have exactly the same effect that you are expecting… Basically that’s how lucid dream works, it works on your expectations in most things…

i once took LSD in a NLD. the feeling was almost the exact same as taking LSD in RL, very profound. am keen to try something similar in a LD

wait,so i can make my own side effects? when i get a good lucid dream im gonna take cookies and turn into a goldfish. oh yeah

The other night I dreamt (ND) I had taken heroin or something. Never tried IRL, but I guess your dreams can make you imagine what it feels like. As soon as I had swallowed those pills, the cops came and I started to freak out. I tried to focus, but everything was blurry and they arrested me. It felt like I was moving in slow motion.
I should have understood that this was a dream since I wouldn’t do anything like that IRL, but it felt so real and especially when the head was spinning etc. What a nightmare.

Drugs in dreams are very interesting. Like dB_FTS says, taking them produces an effect that you more or less subconsciously expect.

This is also my recommended approach to controlling them dream. If you want to fly, do something that you expect will make you fly. Like using a jetpack. But how do you get one? Just go to the jetpack store where you expect it to be. Do you want the dream physics to completely twist itself? Then take a drug that you expect will do so.

well in my experience, both in NLD’s and LD’s any drug does not work for me. withthe exception of alcohol which just altered my vision for a few seconds. drugs notworking is actually one of my dream signs. :sad: