taking lucidity too seriously..

when I lucid dream I do the pinch nose and breathe RC and it fails. But I am still not sure im dreaming so I jump really high and fly around and shit, but I can’t bring myself to loosen up. Such as I take dreams way too seriously as if its in real life. I never hurt any of my DC’s i always talk to them politely. I know I am dreaming but something in the back of my head says, “hey dude, imagine if this was real, look what you have done are you sure your dreaming?”. I say this even though I have flied and materialised stuff.

I really want to be lucid and not give a fuck what i do. I have killed someone before in a LD but i just felt guilty when i woke up.

any suggestions?

Try saying while your in bed that you will have a LD if your dreaming , that you will know youre dreaming.

It work for me sometime , I enter in a full-blown LD , I know at the beginning that this is a dream. I think it work more well that all RC…

I’ve had dreams before where I refused to try to fly because I was afraid I might not be dreaming. It’s not fun to realize you’ve missed a lucid dream because you’re afraid of making an idiot of yourself.

you are tottaly right, but is there something i can do to make me 100 percent sure im dreaming and to stop that thought in yopur back of your mind thihking you are not dreaming?

I would think that if you are lucid doing things like flying that should be 100% proof that you are in fact dreaming. :smile:

Don’t worry, as you have more lucid dreams you will realize that RL rules do not apply in the dream world. I used to have the same problem. I took to flying quite easily but I could never fly inside. So, I would waste time in my lucid dreams trying to get outside to fly. Finally in one of my lucid dreams I was inside and I just said to myself this is ridiculous! This is my dream and I can fly inside if I want. I have not had that problem since then. I know that does not exactly equate with your problem but, the solution is the same. You just have to tell yourself that it is your dream and you can do what you want.

This happens commonly. Though you’ve flied few seconds earlier, if your lucidity level decreases you can still wonder if you’re dreaming. Perform another RC or fly again.

Don’t be ashamed of your dreams. Some people kill DC’s, some others love to see landscapes and flowers. Perhaps killing DC’s is not your own way. Don’t feel obliged to do what others do. :wink:

Don’t look at it as a bad thing. Dreams and ‘waking reality’ are both models of reality that you have control over. Taking it seriously doesnt mean you can’t have fun, but it means you immensely value having that control. Everyone here takes dreams ‘way too seriously’ compared to someone who doesn’t care about dreams. Consider the perspective.

Good. Treat others how you wish to be treated.

No you don’t. You’re just challenging yourself unneccesarrily here, and in the wrong mindframe. Because your next statement reflects your real attitude.

Doing something stupid in the dream world is the same as doing something stupid in the real world.

I had a very similar issue where i terminated a lucid dream because of guilt of a situation that was about to unfold. Had i let it unfold, i would’ve had a few moments of bliss. Even though i willed myself out of the dream, i brought the lesson i learned back here, which allows me to respect people better. Though the evidence might not be directly apparent, the accumulative effect of this is certainly more beneficial than a few moments of bliss.

Remember, if you are trying to kill, you are trying to kill yourself, joke, or not joke. To dismiss an element in your reality you must be able to destroy yourself. If you ultimately dont have the guts to kill yourself, then you won’t have the guts to kill others. (err, don’t try to prove this. i dont condone violence/self violence, this is more a philosophical statement)

summary: no matter where you are, if you can recognise and apply moral elements, you’re a good person. :smile:

I completely agree with Basilus West, your dreams should be your dreams. You should feel free to do what you want. If you look in my dream journal(which I have not updated in a while) you will see that I created my own lake sanctuary (lake dreams). Sometimes I fly around or explore things underwater but a lot of times I just sit on the dock and take in the scenery. So far, I have not even allowed DC to invade my private place. The point is, that it is a dream I enjoy. If you don’t enjoy dreams about killing people then don’t do it. It really is that simple. Don’t do something just because other people do it. When you are lucid in a dream you have an opportunity to express yourself however you want.

However, you also don’t want to be a slave to RL reality and rules in your lucid dreams either . Your lucid dreams can be an opportunity to experience anything you want, so don’t feel guilty about anything you do in your dreams. Like I said they are your dreams.

Well good luck and enjoy yourself.

The way I see it (and I know I’m in the minority here), lucid dreaming is a way to explore things we’re not normally capable of doing–not the things we’re not normally supposed to do. I can’t help but think that going to bed every night and slaughtering multiple DCs isn’t the healthiest pastime.

Yes, I don’t even condone sex in LDs. Gasp! Now I’m really in the minority. But the way I see it, we should try to maintain morality during our dreams, and having a relationship with a DC is really nothing more than mental adultery.

Anyway, don’t feel bad about this. Have fun in your dreams, but not to the point of forming bad habits. Just keep reminding yourself that it’s all a dream…that everything you’re experiencing is being spontaneously generated by your brain.

Its funny how our morals follow us even in our dreams. My junior high principle used to always say that character is what you do when nobody’s around. I guess that just means that you have good character. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but if you want to let loose in your lucid dreams it will probably just take a little practice to realize that what you do in your lucid dreams doesn’t matter. Don’t feel guilty about what you do in your lucid dreams, just make it a point to realize that you don’t act the same way in real life. If you get enjoyment out of slaughtering people in your dreams, then go ahead. If you don’t, then do other things that you like doing. If you don’t feel comfortable killing people in your LDs, you could try killing things like fire-breathing dragons, boy would that be fun.

Something you can do to make you 100% sure you’re dreaming? I thought the flying by no external means one was pretty good.

I think we kind of went off track here and instead of helping someone with a specific problem/issue we have drifted into the more general topic of morality in dreams. In which case this discussion should be continued in Morals in DreamsorKilling in dreams

There is also a killing DC’s somewhere and several other threads related to this topic. Like I said, helping someone with an individual problem is ok but when we get into general issues it would be better to put them in any of the above general topics.

haha dont worry about it, the more you discuss the more it helps me. I have felt better that you guys have told me to not feel guilty and will see what happens next time i hav an LD. thanks noodle for that deep post.
thanks for the replys