Taking naps

I’ve already read a couple of times that naps are a very good chance to become lucid. At the moment I have plently of time so I thought about taking naps regularly, but I have two questions:
How long should a nap be?
How long should I be awake after getting out of bed in the morning before taking a nap?

This is actually a trial-and-error thing – you do what suits best for you.
Try experimenting!
I would suggest you get up 2 or 3 hours before you usually do, stay awake for a few hours (as I said, what works best for you), and then take a nap lasting about the same amount of time you were awake. This way you don’t lose any time in sleep and you have elevated chances of having a lucid dream.

Like chrisboy said, it’s going to all come down to you. For me, napping doesn’t help at all. I usually can’t nap and when I do it’s such a light sleep I rarely dream. It boils down to this, if you can sleep, you can dream. The faster you go into a dream as you try to sleep, the easier it is to use techs such as WILD and MILD.

I agree with Rhewin, usually when I wake up a few hours before I usually do, for whatever reason, I do not dream and just end up waking up 2 hours later thinking I had only closed my eyes for a few minutes. This pretty much entails that I didn’t make it passed the first few stages of sleep nor did I enter REM upon “napping”. I guess it’s the way I am :content:

Thanks for the replies guys :smile:
I’ll start with experimenting soon then, hope this works for me.