Does anyone know if you can find out if you have talent, i.e ablility to play musical instruments, creativity e.t.c, by LD methods? I’d be grateful for anyone who knows to reply.

call for your spirit guide and ask him.

I don’t think ur SG will give u a very accurate answer tho.

You can judge your creativity/imagination by how your normal dreams are. If they are boring and almost like real life, then your probably not that creative. If they are full of crazy and entertaining scenarios, then you probably are.

As for the rest, I play guitar quite well in real life but whenever I try and play it in a dream, I always screw up almost every note.

Maybe you should work out what you have interests in, and then do it IRL to see if you have any talent. Dreaming and real life are completely different realms and things work differently, I dont think you could accurately judge your measure of talent by the things you can do in the dream world. Except for creativity.