Talking about dreaming in dreams

Last night i had a dream in which i was talking about dreaming, but i still didnt didnt obtain lucidity. Is there some thing wrong with me?

No, nothing wrong with you, you are already pretty close.
Those things happen to all of us, it shows that your subcounciousness has picked up the idea of lucid dreaming, and that´s a good thing.I think it won´t take you long to lucid dream.
If you want to, you can do some RCs whenever you talk to someone about lucid dreaming.


I agree. This problem happened to me quite often when I began trying to induce lucid dreams. You should embrace it as a sign that you are close to having an ld.

I have done the same thing before, only it looked at my hands and didnt relize I was dreaming. Keep up your reality checks and know you can lucid dream!

I used to dream about LDing too.
Once I dreamed that I was in chemistry class, and my teacher gave me a test about lucid dreaming. When I turned my test in I thought to myself, “I did really good on that! I know all about lucid dreaming!”
I didn’t even become lucid after that!

Yeah, sometimes I feel like my mind doesn’t want me to LD. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night after a dream, I write down keywords on a pad so that I’ll remember the dream in the morning. Occasionally, I’ll wake up and find that the pad is blank - I had only dreamt about waking up and writing down my dream, and by that time, I can’t remember it at all. It can get confusing.

maybe you should do a RC every time you wake up! I know how frustrating FA’s can be, so if you have a watch on, check you watch a couple times every time you wake up. I don’t think it will take you long to get into the habit of it! Sounds like you’re really really close :smile:

Interesting. I just had a dream kind of like this. I was talking to someone in the dream and they started hinting around that I was dreaming, making reference to The Matrix and how Neo didn’t realize it wasn’t real and once he did he had such control. Finally the dream character seemed to get frustrated and yelled “This is a fucking dream you idiot! you can take control any time you want!” I responded that I knew it was a dream but it was fun and then walked away.
I have never been confronted so directly in a dream that I was dreaming before. The thing is I had been doing rcs earlier in it, I realized it was a dream but it was fun (possible funner than anything I could have come up with) and had decided to ride it out. Of course most people would have considered it a nightmare, a horror story, but I was thoroughly enjoying with it.

last night i had i dream where i asked my friend if he ever heard of the suneye method and he said yes and started to explain his expierience and as he was telling me i had a clear picture of it in my head like i went back and expierenced what he was telling me it was hella vivid to, and didnt even become lucid though, then i woke up feeling ripped off oh well ill just keep tryin, late robd :tongue:

There is defiantly nothing wrong with you . I had this happen to me many times in many different ways, and now I lucid dream Often. So like the others said you are on the right path. You are for sure getting closer to lucid dreaming.

If this is happening often. I would suggest Making the word DREAM, a for sure dream sign, or a trigger to do RC. Also anything that has to do with dreaming. If you are posting on this web site. I wouldn’t do one every time I seen the word dream, or come across the subject, because you will. Many many times lol. So maybe do one every 10 minutes that you are on the site. If you are on the site for an hour. Do 6 RC’s. If you are watching TV and someone says dream. Do a RC. Or if you your friend says it, you say it. or if you just hear or read it. Do a RC. That should keep it from getting past you in a dream. It might also Induce Lucidity.

GL Hope that helps !!!

that is something that happens to me a lot of times; sometimes i wake up, and begin to write in my dream journal, and when im finnish…i wake up;
other strange thing (it only happened 2 or 3 times ):i am inside a dream and i think "i had dreamt this once"but when this happens it is never a dream that i can remember in the “awaken life”.in this case i had some glimpses of lucidity but in that time i havn´t eard nothing about RCs or nothing like that , and quikly let myself go inside the dream…