Talking about Lucidity in a dream. Am I close to DILD

I had alot of strange dreams this morning plus a WILD I can’t remember. I’ve never had a DILD before except once years ago. I had this dream where I was talking to a friend. We were walking in school. I told him that I could have lucid dreams. He told me that he always has lucid dreams. I told him that I knew someone that was always lucid too. It seems so strange talking about it in a dream and then realize it after awakening. I don’t do RC. I am just too lazy I supppose. If I did RC would I have probably done one after talking talking about lucid dreaming. Am I close to havnig my first DILD.

You are a lot more experienced on this board, it seems, but it sounds to me like you are close to a lucid dream considering you are dreaming about lucid dreams :content: Perhaps you should just do RCs for a week or so and keep reading and thinking about LDing, and once you have a DILD you will be have more excitement about the topic in general, and won’t be so “lazy” :content:

I agree…Do RC while talking abou LD’s to a friend…you’ll get so used to it youll do it during a dream and become Lucid.

You are very close…