talking out loud

last night i think i came to the conclusion that i never “physically” talk in my dreams… everybody sort of understands eachother like telepathy…
i realized it when i was lucid, and communicating all ofa sudden took a different kind of effort, and then when i spoke it was such a physical sensation… vibration and everything.
when i first started getting LD’s talking like this would wake me up…
i’m wondering if anyone has theories on what it is that makes you talk in your sleep (IRL)… apparently i used to when i was a kid… now i wonder if i’m doing it when i’m lucid.


Saddleback i have a sound/voice activated Sony recorder…
I did put it on at sleep to c if was snoring or talking…lol…And also tried to talk when i had a ld to the real world…first i couldnt do it…then i tried harder and i woke up lol…This was all years ago…one of my experiments with dreams and lds.
But i think it can be done…i tried just several times then :happy:

Oh ehm i didnt snore…yah! Heard even planes in the night on it lol. :cool_laugh:


Jeff. LOL! That’s really funny. I wonder if I snore. Umm… :smile:

By the way, I too think it’s possible, but it takes some practice without waking yourself up. :wink: Why not? Try it out! :wink: Won’t hurt to experiment, my friend. :smile:

Lieve dromen (sweet dreams!) :wiske:

i will continue to experiment, and i’ll let you know if anything happens :smile:
ciao for now

I dont know that I have a particular theory on this …but I tend to be well aware of myself talking out loud and am lucid when I do it. I don’t seem to wake the fiance up with talking when I am not aware of it so possibly it is only happening those times that ( I too) am aware of it. ???

Well Tripper you know for sure when you have a voice recorder as i have and use it 4 such experiments! :happy:
Experimenting is fun, :wink:


I happen to have a voice activated recorder so I might just have to experiment with that and see what happens. Thanks for the thought :smile:

You know we dont only talk in rem. actally most of the time that we sleep walk and talk is in delta stage brain waves. But you can talk inside a dream to teh realworld and you can defintly feel the diffrence.
Interesting post though