Talking to your subconscious

Yesterday I read an article on LD’ing that said that you could have a conversation with your subconscious, to sort out problems, and talk about what’s troubling you. I went to bed yesterday thinking about that, and it happened.

This sounds extremely teenager-y of me, but here goes.

I’ve had feelings for 3 girls lately. I immediately thought of talking to my subconscious about that after I read the article.

Last night, I’m not sure exactly what happened, but after went lucid, I talked to SC about it, and it gave me an answer. He said ‘I don’t know why you’re bothering with those two, this girl here is the only one that matters’ and pointed out some (bad) things about the two that he was talking about that I’d never noticed before. Today at school, I saw them, and I noticed those things. They were present.
And so I have an answer to my question.

I was just wondering if anyone else had done this? It was awesome, and I feel so much better about things now.

I’ve had an LD where i opened a door to my subconcious. Inside was a physical therapist whom told me to start swimming and that it will unlock my potential. so i started swimming, lol.

Personally i think that the best use of LD’s is precisely to talk to ur subconcious. Life is the best. Imagine if you could regularly talk with ur subconcious and even tell it to create wonderful things in RL.

Someone once said whatever u can imagine exists. So i know that contact with the subconcious exists. What would be great is if you can remember how u did it and do it again and again. And let us know. :smile:

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I found my log of last night that I made this morning right after I woke up. I’ll just do a direct copy and paste, it tells the story best. Something else I should add- there’s a large blue L(lucid) written on the back of my hand to remind me to perform a reality check.

Had a chance to speak with my subconscious about who I wanted to date. My choices were LK, LS, and ?. He said 'I don’t know why you’re bothering with the other two, you and LK are the best here.

After I woke up(dream in a dream FTW) the aforementioned people were all in the room with me. I tried to look at the writing on my hand to trigger a lucid dream, but there were words written all over my arms, hands, and face, which distracted me from the Reality Check that I was about to perform.

happy, I just went into deep thought after I read the article. Not purposely, I just found it interesting. What I did until I fell asleep was repeat “I’m dreaming” over and over. I understand that this is typically used for the WILD technique, but I thought I’d give it a try. When I fell asleep and went lucid, I just remembered the article and made my subconscious manifest itself as a person. I’m not sure who mine was, I think it was actually my Californian translator that accompanied me to Japan. There wasn’t really much technique to it.

Another weird thing: today, my language teacher was talking about the use of double dreams in cinema.

what do you mean with FTW

FTW = for the win

FTW stand for “For The Win”

On topic, I hope to achieve a nice chat with my SC, learn some things, and maybe make a few deals with it.