Tan T'ien

Has anyone ever moved into a LD by focusing of the mind in the Tan T’ien during sleep paralysis?

(the ‘tan t’ien’ or ‘navel chakra’ is located approximately 2 to 3 finger widths below the navel and in the center of the pelvic area)

no but i have had little work or success with that one. I have worked with the crown one, 7th i think right up top :smile:

and the throught 1 the lotus flower 1, that was good this 1 adds dream recall alot but u need to be able to meditate well though :wink:


That sounds interesting, though I’ve never tried it. Tan T’ien? I’ve always heard of that Chakra referred to as Swadhisthana (spelling?) I’m sure they must have a bunch of different name’s but I’m wondering where you might have gotten yours. I suppose you could do that with any chakra though, especially ajna, because that one’s supposed to control dreams and clairvoyance and stuff. And not only during sleep paralysis either. What about the Suneye method? That seems to work pretty good.

It’s a chinese term, they use other names for centers of energy. I’m searching for a technique to get past the SP in WILD. Concentrating on a virtual object seems to work but i’m experimenting with different perspectives. Somtimes i end up in the black void or i get a FA and dream that i’m still in SP and wonder why it’s taking so long. Usually when the vibrations start it’s a good sign and i get them faster when focusing on qi points so i’m figuring out which point works best. Anyone experience with dream yoga or qi gong?

ps: anyone doing the lucidity institute experiment?

Ezen you got 2 blackvoids…one is darkgrey when you are experienced else it just looks black to you and is above dream stage the second is deep sleep and is under dream stage.
The first blackvoid is when you got almost only alpha waves at your eeg.
I call that one the small void lol…easy to get out from.
The big blackvoid under dream stage you got delta waves big time at your eeg…and way harder to get out from.
Its funny that theta waves and beta waves are connected with active layers of our consciousness and alpha and delta are like isolating layers of emptyness in our consciousness.
you can read up about these brain waves all over the net lol just use google or altavista as a search engine. Or a good book.

I use the plexus solaris…the third chakra…4 wild.
Or the dream yoga tech flame or flower in the throat chakra