Tapping in to other parts of brain while lucid?

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time–I’m not sure how much I buy into the shared dreams/telepathy/OBEs while lucid although I’ve had some experience with all of them. However, something I’ve recently thought might be in the realm of possibility while lucid is to alter your own brain chemistry/body function. I mean, lucid dreaming allows you to do things that you couldn’t do before (or didn’t realize you could do before).
One thing I wanted to try was to see if I could somehow alter my metabolism. Everyone’s metabolism tends to slow down with age–I wish I could bring mine back to what it was in high school–just speed it back up. I’m sure this is much harder and more complex than it seems at first glance, of course. I wanted to see if anyone has tried this or successfully altered some physiological component of their brain through lucid dreaming.
Anyone? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not quite the same but I once created a Tulpa (think of this like an imaginary friend or a DC one can physically experience) and programmed into the Tulpa (or the DC my consciousness and subconsiousness had made) to have a strong peppermint/methyl breath that if he breathed at me, could physically clear my nose.

To my amazement this actually worked great (I had a lot of allergy issues at the time so often had issues with sniffing and my nose couldn’t breath out one side of it) and I could use this creation to clear my blocked nose when called upon.

This is the only way I’ve used a subconscious/consciousness creation to affect my physical body.

You’re able to connect with your subconscious when you’re dreaming. Your entire surroundings are being dynamically created by your mind, and is affected by your subconscious. Because of that you can often ask your entire dream space a question and it will answer back. I find that this is a reliable way to communicate with it. Think about it being the container of your lucid being. You’re actually just a part of everything in the dream world the same way its part of you, only you’ve separated your awareness from the rest of everything to your own dream body.

so this is what you meant sea-dove by Tulpa, just to see if i got it right, he would breath on you in the dream and you would wake up with a clear nose?

yes, all true. i used dreams or more correctly nightmare as a way to confront fears, i did that through experience, you have more things to fear of in the dream, here in the physical monsters do not exist the same way. i could clearly see how that process effected me.
this is a subject im very interested in. it became clear to me that within you lucid state you experience thought patterns, change these thought patterns and what will you get?
but i didnt go as far as causing a biological change yet. although i do believe the key point could very much be the in-between state, where the brainwaves are at the gamma frequency of 40 cycles per second.