Tapping into the Subconscious...

There are many people who believe, including myself, that it is possible to tap into our subconscious thoughts in a dream. This could help us understand why we have some of the dreams we have, because many dreams have to do with desires, some that we aren’t even aware of…

Anyway, all that’s up for debate. The point is that there’s proof out there that it’s possible to, in a sense, “hack into” our own minds and find stuff there we didn’t know exited, or that we knew once and forgot. I would like to hear anyones ideas or experiences with this sort of thing. Soon I hope to go into my mind and get back some memories I have lost. I’ll need all the help I can get. :wink:

hmm… actually i have had 2 dreams that i can remember that was kind of strange, they were both martial arts related (i do martial arts)

i was watching someone do a kata, and it was a kata i had never seen before, and i said to myself “i don’t know that kata, this must be a dream” and it triggered lucidity. don’t ask how me watching somebody else do a kata that i’d never seen before made me conclude that it was a dream but it did

in another one, this asian dude was teaching me some kung fu, and some energy techniques to do with the movements. when i woke up i tried to remember what he was telling me but i forgot a lot of it, but i do remember it was stuff i had never seen/read IRL

Wow, that’s great Oneiromancer. When I start taking some martial arts classes I am going to practice in my lucid dreams. That way I can try whatever I want without getting hurt. I have been shown some kata before, I should ask a dream character to teach me some moves that I’ve seen… Anyway, good luck perfecting your techniques. :content:

I practice skating hand rails in my lucid dreams, jsut to build up my confidence. So inrl ill just do it withought backing out while im allready on it or in the air.

Meisekiyume in rem sleep our memory part of the brain called the hippocampus (it looks like the shape of a hippo lol) becomes extremely active and is the source activity of the brain when we dream.
Memory works strongly with associations and so does our subconsiousness. So its not so strange that when we dream we can open or remember parts we have in us that we didnt even knew of or just forgot
because our memory part takes a very great deal in dreaming.

I learned in dreams some trance technique called myself the alpha trance beta blocker to stay longer in rem sleep and some martial art tech…



Hey, I would like to do something similar to that… IRL I want to try a back flip, but I am too scared, I back down every time. I hope that when I finally do it in my dream I will have the confidence to do it IRL.


That’s some good information there, Jeff, I would like to do some further studying about this… Can you recomend any sources I can learn more about the “alpha trance beta blocker.” It sounds like something I could use to prolong lucid dreams.

Thanks for the replies!