Tarot Reading

OMG! I feel so awesome! :cool_laugh: I just had the best reading done with this great woman! She was so spot on! Anybody live in New England? I’ll give you her #! You have got to do this!!!

congrats anamcara :happy: I don’t live close by unfortunately :wink:

:eek: that good??.. mom’s sending me to dad’s for the summer in connecticut but my grandma lives in chicopee. that’s new england right??

I wanna go too. :clap:

Yes Lonelygirl, that’s New England :content: she is in Charlton, Mass. You know what’s really funny she even picked up on my lusting for Vin Diesel :shy: I was ROTFL when I figured it out…

pasQual, she was just really intuitive with the cards…she didn’t channel just picked up on things, and the cards and her intuition led her. It definitely wasn’t from reading my reactions like some cynics say they do and it was the best because I’ve only been read by people who know me before and it always skewed the reading…She did such an awesome job and I’d never even seen her before :cool_laugh:

i’ve had a reading done in NJ when i was in the US, in a native american, indian store and she also hit things right on the mark. Other things still have to pass though, i still got the tape :wink: She did tarot and channeled information. So i can imagine how you feel right now :happy:

:wow: what did she say? what did she say? love, happiness, wealth?

wow they must sleep with their cards a lot. from wut i know the more time u spend with ur cards the more you connect with them. My friend bought sum and did it for me but i havent seen him fiddle with them since then I think he got bored with it, lol.

She said so much …it really wasn’t that simple…yes, there was how to get those things in a way… but I have so much to deal with right now it was more insightful into that and what road would probably be the best for what I want …

:razz: I love these things. not enough detayl. but happy 4 u

Sorry it’s just personal :shy: …Just she knew about the “devil” in my life and the problems i have with work and my desire to become a writer and :shy: my lust for big bad boys with tattoos…

Just an update…I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED… I’m already dealing with stuff she told me would happen…It’s just unblievable!

I’ve gone to this woman who is also incredible. Said things that are still coming true to this date.

I’m planning a trip soon. Where in New England is this place?

I had a tarrot reading once… it was complete crap haha

Readings can sometimes be really really bad. I’ve experienced my share too :content:

I always do it myself. I had that Haitian lady next door showed me (real cards) as well as my grandmother with a pack of playing cards. It is very accurate; but it’s simply what you make it and telling so beforehand. I’ve never had someone else read my cards.

I’ve tried to do it myself with only a little success…too close to the subject at hand I think…or maybe things just haven’t happened yet…but I’m really glad I went to this woman…she knew specific stuff and she didn’t just read the cards…she got buts and pieces of names and situations nothing general at all…only one card puzzled her about a journey being steered by a man but she didn’t know the reason or what kind of journey. I told her I’d let her know if anything came up.

Omega3 and Anamcara that’s good that you read your own cards. From what I understand, it’s hard because things could be right there in front of you but you don’t want to see them so, your reading isn’t accurate or that you have so much emotion towards something that it influences it.

Learning from Haitains is pretty heavy stuff and exciting.

I’m sure anamcara that you in your heart know but you might be in such confusion over the matter that it dulled her perception and yours. IMO, that is.

To me it isn’t hard at all. Just something I do, I really want to know the truth (no matter what) of what my mind will make happen…but whether or not I try to change it is another story.

I thought on what you wrote Illuminada, thanks, but I just have no idea what it could be so I don’t know how I could be confused about it…

i’m at nana’s. working on getting her to let me go.