Taste food in LD? Feel Pain in LD? [NT - was: question]

in LDs can you taste foods? do they taste right? can you feel pain, like if you get into a fight?

for foods…ive heard that you can taste them. i havnt done it myself. for pains…i dont think u feal any pain at all. like ive felt things like warm water in my dreams…but if i like jump off a building…i dont feel pain.

Yep you can taste foods, bu it depends on your expectations of how accurate it tastes. For instance, if you’re about to eat some pie, and if you think really hard it’s going to taste like french fries, you’ll probably taste something like that. You can also feel pain, but again, it depends on your expectations. If you’re fully lucid and if you really know nothing bad can happen to you, you can fully dismantle your own body without feeling anything. But if you’re non lucid, you’ll interprete the dream as irl, with all its expectations, so then it’s more likely you’ll feel pain whenever someone unscrews your body parts. It all depends on your mind :wink:

hell yes and it is damn fun you have got to try it :happy:

dream food

I will try to tast something in my dream tonight

I’ve read Flo’s dream diary ( on her own site ), she’s a pretty good dreamer and, though she was lucid, she felt pain in LD.
And somebody here tried to perform a “pinch my arm” RC, thinking not to feel anything in a dream and that’s what happend :
pinch my arm ! :eek: :cry: … Ouch ! It harms a lot !
Of course, there must be a level of control where you can dissociate dream contents and body feelings. And as bendrumming58 said, for some lucky people it will not harm at all.

In my last LD, which was the longest to date, my way of keeping myself lucid was to keep chewing orange flavour bubblegum. That way it gave me something to concentrate on, the flavour and texture and the act of chewing. It worked really well too, I got lots of stuff I’d wanted to try done and had a bloody good time.
It didn’t taste quite right, but it was very interesting nevertheless.

Orange bubble gum?! That’s real cool Krum.

Here’s another one: get drunk/high or do drugs in your dreams, it’s BIZZARE!!

I havent experienced tasting anything in a dream (that i can remember), but i have tried smelling some different types of tea, and they smelled really great. I found one that i wanted to buy but shortly after i woke up. I remember that i was bummed that it was a dream when i woke up because i really wanted to try that tea :razz: