This is a completely random question; How good is your sense of taste whilst dreaming?

I want to eat the world’s largest apple pie without having to set fire to my kitchen, so hurry up and answer, or I will forever hold you responsible for the loss of my beloved ladel!!!

In a high level LD, it taste around the same as waking life.

I havn’t eaten anything in an LD (except for a sour little berry), but my sense of taste is great in ND’s. Everything is delicious!

well, i’'ve been told it tastes the same you want it to taste

I`ve tasted sickers - icecream !
It was good !

The second best caramel slice I’ve eaten in the past decade has been in a semi-lucid dream, the taste and texture were just like the real thing, even the way that the chocholate layer slid around because of the caramel being a little too soft.

Wonder if this could be the basis for a new diet ?
“Oniero-cake - all the taste and 0 calories”

I’ve never tasted anything in my dreams, maybe I’ve never even dreamed of food.

Never… dreamed… of food… :eek:

You deprived person! Just last night, I ate about 50,000 pies in an ND! I doesn’t matter that it wasn’t lucid. That was good enough :grin:

Did it taste like pie :razz:?

Lucky pig .
Petter wants PIE ! :wink:

Usually no taste at all, except for those nightmares when i find out that i have eaten bugs, mould, live fish, etc. That is disgusting. Usually, dream food is just as tasty and filling as air. Good dreamsign though.

I don’t think I remember eating or drinking anything in dreams… I’ll search around though.

It would be great if I had a dream where I pigged out on my favorite foos and desserts :smile:

Dream food… delicious. Steak is great, but the best was a lemonade flavored candy. :love: I think the food is made to fit what your mind believes is really good.

Urrgh !
Remind me on a dream where I ate half a strwaberry and of the part which was left some white worms came crawling out …

I didn`t eat strawberries for days :cry:

Eeww… How gross… :bored:

I would have to agree with Tomas. You could get it to taste as it does IRL during a very good LD.

In NDs I’m not sure what it can taste like. I can’t recall too much tasting. I can remember eating but tasting is different.

Thank goodness I’ve not experienced anything like Siiw though. Eating bugs and such. Yuck!


As I wrote before in this post I`ve tasted real good ice cream chocolate (snickers) in a dream .’
Maybe because I thought it would be possible ?

For me, taste in dreams is orgasmically bursting with flavor! :happy: Unless, the food is General Tsao chicken and my entire jaw disintegrates from the inside out… :content: