Hey, I’ve been discussing lucid dreaming with my friend becasue he just had one a few days ago. After many weeks of talking about it, and him complaining, he is finally as obsessed with it as I am. Finally.

Anyways, we were passing around theories and he asked one that I had absolutely no answer to. In a dream, when you put something in your mouth, do you taste it? This would solve much of my cravings, and plus, it could make people lose some weight because their mind may think that they already ate!

Anybody know if you taste in your dreams. If so, please tell the story!!! :smile: :cool:

I have read about people who have satisfied their desire for sweeties, and food just by eating enough during LD, so they didn’t had such desire anymore IRL.

I personally have only drinken once carbonated water in LD, but it didn’t had taste. It felt just like trying to drink from a empty bottle where you can get maybe only a drop of water, or so.

But i don’t have experience with “taste” in LD so far.

very good food in dreams

also: take objects or DC’s stick them in blenders or mash them up your self and bake…

taste of food and drinks are very realistic in my LD’s

blend a dream character in a blender and bake?

I wonder how that would taste

usually good, depending on the DC.
I once baked my GF 0_0, very tasty I might add.

hmmm I seem to have a canonballistic sub C :sad:

Different for every person. I’ve never noticed.

you people scare the hell out of me, with your talk of canniblisim.

I can smell well in dreams, but both food and drink tastes like nothing.

I’ve never had a lucid dream in which I ate, but I have eaten in regular dreams, and I cant taste or feel the food.

I never tried to eat or drink anything in a LD. But I would imagine it would be even more intense like other senses ( touch, hearing, seeing and feel ).

I was thinking that if it’s something you have already eaten in real life, wouldn’t it taste the same in your dreams? Hmm, I dunno, I’m gunna try it, if I remember to do it tonight. I’m getting really frequent with my LDs I had a 15 minute one last night, and one either the night before, or the night before that, I can’t remember :eh: So I hope on having one tonight, I’ll post my experiment, if I do it, tomorrow.

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