Doubt, you are my teacher in confidence
Hate, you are my teacher in love
Distraction, you are my teacher in concentration
Fear, you are my teacher in courageousness
Shame, you are my teacher in pride

As your student, I honor you.

lol i love to be honored :razz:

LOL. It used to be that whenever I saw “fear” written, I’d think of your username and avatar.


used to be…it’s not any more? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

anyway to the topic nice little poem Xoalin. did you write it?

You don’t post as much anymore, that’s why (probably busier at SeaLife, right?). Don’t worry–I’m sure it’ll all come back thanks to your post.

Yes, Xoalin, that was a very nice little poem. It’s something people should think about, too.

(You did write it, didn’t you?)

Thank you :smile:. And yes, I wrote it. goes of to honor the user fear :wink:

Take care,

~ Xoalin/k’shi