Does anyone know any good teas to drink for LD’s? I once heard something about a very nasty tasting tea from some tribe and mint tea. does anyone know anymore?

   -lucidjd  :cool:

Last time I looked there were more than a couple of ‘Mint Tea’ threads on this forum.


Try doing a search using the search function in the above menu.
I’m not sure about the ‘tribe’ of nasty tasting tea drinkers though, haven’t heard of this myself.

I drink herbal tea everyday. I think it could have at least a slight effect on LDs depending on what you drink. I drink a mixture of peppermint, lavendar and gotu kola most of the time. Gotu Kola is suposed to be good for blood flow and concentration, and also relaxing the body while stimulating the mind. Lavendar relaxes me so I guess it probably helps me sleep better thus alowing for more lds… peppermint is good for digestion and its also good for relaxing.
Those are the ones I know of. I think the gotu kola helps with LDs probably the most.

I assume that the horribly tasting tribal tea you are speeking of is the dream herb tea made from Calea Zacatechichi. I haven’t had much experiance using teas to induce lucidity. How ever I have used dream herb on many occations and every time it has enhanced my dream recall. And I didn’t take near the same dose as the shawmens Who discovered it. And as far as the nasty taest it is said to have in other postings, let me tell you, it is exagerated. The tea is bitter but is no where near the vomit inducing drink it is said to be.

Any way, In my experiance it does work. I also have and idea which I haven’t tested yet, that drinking a full dose and running through some meditation before going to sleep may even more greatly effect the outcome. I know you were looking for other Teas that would help but like I said, I have not had much experiance with other teas.

If you want my oppinion at least try it, its cheap and easy to get.

P.S. origional ceremony is to drink the tea then go to a quiet place and smoke a cigarett rolled from the herb.(this dose seem to make a difference.)

Thats right a freind of mine had tried drinking green tea and ginsing(sp?).
I don’t recall the exact reaction but seem to remember it helping him.

I did an experiment and it seems that…

mint tea and camoille tea combined (you can drink them seperately lol) is very good for inducing meditation-like trance. It seems that mint tea is to refresh you and enhance your awareness as camaoille is to relax you; therefore, creating the perfect condition for LD’ing.

I haven’t tried it to induce LD’ing though. I use it to induce meditation-like trance which can mean that it’d be good enough for LD’ing since meditation is a key of LD in my opinion.

What do you think? By the way, camoille tea and mint tea tastes wonderful! :biggrin: Yummy!

You may also want to know that drinking oridinary Salvia improves concentration and memory which both are quite good recall and ld wise.
It tastes bad ,be warned:)

Well, it is a bit bitter, but I wouldn´t say that salvia tea really tastes bad.I like it somehow
And nice to know about it´s effects :smile:

I discovered a unique herb called “yin chen hao” or “yen chen hao” in Chinese; scientific name is artemesia capillaris.

It makes a pleasant-tasting tea with a slightly funny aftertaste; drinking it very hot with honey makes for the best flavor. Take a good tennis-ball sized wad, steep for 15-20 minutes in two cups of water or so. Drink it all.

I haven’t experimented with it enough for dream recall/lucidity, but while you’re awake it produces a very mild psychotropic effect. :tongue: Thoughts become more fluid, sounds are clearer. No nasty side effects.

It’s from the same artemesia family as mugwort (reputed to have an effect on dreams) and absinthium (wormwood, the infamous ingredient in absinthe). Perhaps it gives you a mild dose of thujone – who knows?

It’s legal to purchase and possess in the US and anywhere else, to my knowledge.