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Hello! I have been practicing WILD for a couple weeks, but I was wondering if there are any technique(s) for becomeing lucid when you first go to bed. I don’t care much for having to use WBTB, reason being is that I go to bed late (between midnight and 2am) so my WBTB is around 7am. By then the sun is up. And what are some favorited relaxation methods for wild?

Why does the sun stop you?

Hint: eye-mask. :wink:

From my experience, if you really want to have WILD, you have to do a LOT of work to get them. As a novice, I’d imagine it would take months, rather than weeks. Move your bedtime around to suit a WILD. Write in a journal about an imagined WILD and what you plan to do. Basically, tell your SC that you are genuine, sincere and absolutely determined to have a WILD.

My favourite relaxation method is Robert Monroe’s Focus 10 countdown. I’ve got the Gateway CDs and started with them. Once learned by heart, I can count myself down without the CD. I’ve been doing it for 10+ years. The more you do it, the more you’ll learn to go deeper and deeper into relaxation.

Hope this helps. :smile:

The stops me because of the light. I never thought about using an eye-mask, thank you.

Also what is generally a good time in the morning for WILD/WBTB?

Thank you for your help

For a WBTB I’ve found 6h of sleep to be a good point for it. I use eye mask pretty often now due to it being summer and light outside around the clock. It’s important to me, because I sometimes open my eyes while sleeping and that can kill a lucid dream, if you see something. That’s why I prefer complete darkness.

I can’t say anything about WILD, haven’t had success with that.

@Letaali you said that you haven’t had success with WILD, what method do you prefer, or have the most success with?

Just DILDs so far.

Just do a research on sleep and sleep cycles in general then you’ll know why any technique and WILD too is recommended to be done after some hours of sleep.

Go to bed earlier. Dreams in the morning are very vivid and waking life like because your mind is already very awake or it’s ready to be awake, either way it makes those dreams very unstable in the means that you can easily be awoken which means you don’t sleep as hard as just 4 or 6 hours into sleep. So moving your bed time you’ll have more hours in the dark time and this will provide more stable sleep which means more stable dreams.

WILD is very wide topic, there are a lot of other subjects opened on this matter, search the forum and you’ll find all the information you need generally speaking but if you have some more specific questions I will answer them, no problem there.

Good luck! :content:

I’m curious also about using music as a way to induce a lucid dream. Almost every night I listen to a song called “The english ladye and the knight” by Loreena Mckennitt, and only that song. Is there a way to make use of this habit? The song has great visualization potential also.

A link to the song is in the spoiler.

SPOILER - Click to view

I can’t say anything for certain, other than I’ve listened to music while sleeping and I hear it loud and clear in a dream. It didn’t make me lucid and I couldn’t sleep as well as normally.

So if you only listen to the song when sleeping, I believe it can be used to induce lucidity. Your mind has to connect the song to the fact that you are dreaming when you hear it. Then you just have to remember that connection in a dream and become lucid.

I assume in most tries the music will be background noise in the dream. You have to stop, listen and think. So another habit you need is to do that in waking life often enough. Focus on what you hear. Make a list in your mind of the different sources producing sound. Are all of them logical? Is there a song among them that would indicate you being in a dream? This way you make it your dream sign that makes you perform a reality check.