Telepathy in dreams?

I read a paper that said dreams and lucid dreams can cause a state of ESP/telepathy… do you guys think its possible? we should try to read each others minds, experiment!


Hi Rebecca,

I find your questions and topics very interesting and it’s also funny to see how some people can have the same questions and experiences.

To this topic/question I’d like to add my experience:
The dream messenger (it is like s guiding voice I hear in my dreams that explains me things.) told me once that I had the ability of telepathy and that I also can speak to people’s minds and manipulate their behavior. The dream messenger always wants me to learn things and try them and puts me into the perfect setting to do so. So I had quite a few dreams where I was put into situations to try out and train this ability and it was so interesting. After a while I tried it in RL and most of the times it worked but I don’t use it often bc I don’t see a reason why to influence the decision /thought process of others and also I think its not so ethical. Its also so interesting bc you can actually notice a difference between people’s minds. With some people it is very easy to enter their minds and influence them/talk to them and with other it takes a lot of energy.

But back to your question:
I think LD is the perfect tool to just train anything especially psychic abilities of all sorts. That’s actually my goal to improve different abilities through dreaming. So If you are interested in some kind of collaboration I’m open for ideas :blush:

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How did you get the psychic skills in real life? Sometimes I can vaguely read minds when laying in bed before going to sleep. Sometimes I try to use mind control to protect people I love from evil and from harm. But mostly its likely to not be real. Also, it definitely makes sense that some people are easier to influence than others. Some people can psychically shield themselves.

Yes, collaboration would be good. Lucid dreaming is a good way to practice to strengthen the soul self. :slight_smile: