Teleporting, or changing the landscape?

In lucid dreams, you can teleport to other places. There are lots of ways to do this, going through a portal, closing your eyes and spinning around, simply teleporting, and many other ways.

What I’m interested is how your mind creates the new landscape, without you interfering. It does this quite quickly. Does it take images you already have seen previously in your life, or can it create something entirely new?

Is teleporting in a lucid dream the same thing as molding the entire world around you into something different?

It takes all tiny, tiny aspects of life, like let’s say a piece of metal, and a blue crayon. You could now make a blue piece of metal! :wink:

The mind works in odd ways.

[color=green]Yes very true.

And well yes…whenever you teleport somewhere wheather its an actual location or not, it will have some of your prospective in it or sometimes with a whole other place you’ll discover things never seen before, thus creating your own landscape/world/place.[/color]

Dreams are not ‘reality’ and so space doesn’t apply. Because of this people quickly jump to the conclusion that you aren’t really ‘teleporting’ rather you are just changing scenery.

Thinking like this is not beneficial because your mind is actually far greater than ‘reality’. If you believe that you are not actually teleporting, or what your mind understands as moving from one place to the next, your new location will be tainted by the previous.

Truth is, you can teleport, your mind is full of different places that can provide you with all sorts of experiences, and if you understand that you will have far greater success in your LDs.

I get what you mean. By actually “teleporting” you’re experiencing a totally different place. Just changing the landscape like playdough just isn’t the same and doesn’t have the same sense of adventure.

Yes, and although a mental place is not in a different physical space it is still in a different place/state. I guess I’m just repeating, but it is an incredibly interesting topic so.