Has anyone got any tips on teleporting i.e transporting yourself somewhere in an instant?
The times I have tried it I have either woken up or the dream has started to shimmer.

I close my eyes and imagine the place that I want to go to then open my eyes expecting to be there. Other things you could try are things like opening doors or even just turning around to see the place that you want to go. Whatever you do try to just expect to be where you want to be.

P.S. where in NZ are you from?

Jabbervock said it right

This is all i need to do, but to help you could also try to find a stick or say some magic words, pretending to be a magician and saying a spell to get you where you want to go. Another thing you could do is to walk through a door (or a mirror like the title of this site) and expect where you want to go on the other side.

hey, thanks for advice - I will try it next time I’m fortunate enough to have an LD. The last time I had one was monday just gone and it lasted a little while. After a series of short ones recently, I have just started to have longer ones. I am putting off flying straight away as I think I get too excited and that’s what causes the awakenings, I tend to just take it easy and check out my environment lately. The last one I walked towards a house with a view to meeting a dream character, but it was locked and dark inside so I moved on. Also emphasising less on control, but more on just seeing what happens.

I often use the trick Q uses. (Q from startrek)
Think of where you wanna go and snap yer fingers, you’ll arrive there in a flash!

Not wanting to sound like Morpheus in “Matrix,” but:

What I mean is that you shouldn’t doubt that ‘damn it’s not going to appear because I’m not creative enough’ or something, just imagine a detail in the scene, visualize it as you would a memory, and tadaa! :happy:

While I havent tried teleporting specifically, I highly recommend closing your eyes when trying to change things. I can remember staring at a stick trying to make it change into a dragon, and all it did was curl into a vaguely dragon-shaped stick. In another dream, I closed my eyes and visualized my hand changing into a claw- as soon as I openned them, it had. It just seems to work better.

thanks people - all advice gratefully recvd. It’s been 8 days since last LD - hopefully one is coming up and can try these ideas out.