Television Exploration

I wonder if anybody has done this or not. Anyways, I was looking in my DJ…and only have I jumped in to a television ONCE! I gotta do this more…

[size=150]What is Television Exploration?[/size]
Television Exploration is where you simply find a television in your dream, and you jump right in to it. When you jump in to it, you then appear in the scenery that the television was showing.

For Example: In one of my old LDs…

[size=150]What Can You Do?[/size]
There are many things you can do to make TV Exploration more fun. You can picture the TV playing a favorate movie of yours, and then jump in to it. You can picture the TV playing something from the past, such as the Civil War, and you can jump in to it. You can also picture it as a different dream of some sort. The things you can do with a TV are unlimited!!!

[size=150]Why Use TVs For Scenery Change?[/size]
Mainly because of safety. When you spin in a dream, or rub your hands, to change the scenery, often you will find that you will either experience a false awakening, or you will wake up in Real Life. You wouldn’t want either of those… So, you can use TVs to go to new places and to make the dream more clear and vivid.

A little note here: If you have a low lucidity dream, and try and jump in to the TV, you may just bump your head on to the screen. hehe. I only say this because that happened to me when I tried to jump in to a mirror. So, its just theory.

Hope you guys thought this was interesting :razz: Post some past LDs of you jumpin in TVs…if you have any.

Have you ever read EWLD ? This sounds alot like one of LaBerges methods, only in his you let the scenery overtake you untill it becomes the landscape. This way sounds more fun though because you get to dive into a TV :smile:

I will definatly put this on my to do list :smile:

Kinda reminds me of the Mirror technique, or where you walk through a wall but expect a different location on the other side.
Sounds cool though!

I have done this with computers.

Alright, this could be put to good use…

I go into Jurassic Park, or the Matrix, or Alien, or Star Wars, or some sort of porn movie…

Hm… porn movie…


lol sureal

in my last ld (which i actually got last night :cool_laugh: ) i used a tv for teleportation… I hadn’t read this thread before that but had seen this mentioned in another thread and i had seen the title of this thread. I think both thouse facts helped me to remember the tv-teleportation-technique (TTT - new acronym? :wink: )

i told the television owner to “film a new scene” that i wanted to teleport to. When the new scene appeared on the screen i jumped into it and it worked. Allthough I got into i documentary where i speaker voice guided me around and soon thereafter i woke up. But i’m happy anyway and i will definatly try this method again for teleportation. It’s great because i think it’s easyer to change the scene in the television than the scene around you… :wizard:

Will this extend the dream for some longer? Such as when it starts to fade?

I doubt it. And when it does start to fade you’d be hard pressed to get in a TV fast enough.

No, if your LD starts to fade you should look at your hands or rub them together.

I expect this will happen to me too :tongue: I haven’t had much luck going through things yet.

It is a little easier if you look away from the thing you are going through. :cool: Or you could write the “noclip” code from Doom in the air like I did in a dream once :tongue:

How did you enter the no clip code? Did you just type it and it worked?
I’d like to try iddqd and idclip :smile:

I don’t watch TV. Infact I don’t even have one. Maybe I can use this technique on my computer.

I wrote it in the air with my finger! And it worked. I even got stuck inside a wall.

And I don’t own a TV either :cool:

How do you go through your life without a TV?

LOL ! :grin: I don’t have a TV, too ! But I can perhaps teleport through my PC screen ? :tongue:

I have successfully teleported into my Final Fantasy game from my PC. And, a movie poster for “the lord of the rings” :cool:

What do people need TVs for when there are PCs?

What did you do in the lotr set? Im considering slaying orks with a lasersword! MASSACRETIME

hehe…I need TV

I visited a hobbit hole and chatted with the hobbits. :cool: Then a hobbit woman showed me a great place to draw a circle in the air. I came out in elven country and was dragged back into my room after a few seconds.