Telling dreams affect the occurrence of it?

Well, that’s like a superstition I have.
If you go around telling your lucid dreams to people, or your OBE’s, does it affect the occurrence of that kind of experience in your daily routine? Like you’ll have less LD’s for telling it to everyone?

If you are feeling superior to others or if you are telling to make advantage above others. I don’t know if these fellings may be a influence, or if it doesn’t matters at all telling or not telling or the way it’s been told.

Does anyone here knows something about that?

Hey, there. I beleive that telling them might even help you have more of them, because talking about your dreams might help your subconscious know dreams are important to you.

Really I think what you are describing is a belief in karmic justice. The idea behind your post seems to be that you might lose your ability if you were to brag about it to others in a way that put them down. It would depend on your beliefs as to if this is an actual effect, but it is worth noting that dreams seem to respond to our expectations. If you expect bragging will cause you to stop LDing, it may well do it.

Outside of that, talking about and sharing your dreams should actually increase your chances of getting lucid, because the more you think about dreams the more likely you are to question your reality whilst awake and whilst asleep, and in a dream that could well get you lucid.

I have a similar superstition where if I have a really bad dream (like a family member dies or something) I have to tell it or it might come true. But I have no problem telling my lucid dreams, I share them with my sister because that way we discuss how it went or what I could have done to stay lucid longer, etc…
I find it helpful.

Well, we all know that writting down dreams in your dream journal improves recall, so I’d imagine telling other people has a similar effect; either way, you’re expressing the memory of the dream.

Yeah i would have to agree with “Mattiasdavis”, i think if you tell people about your dreams, its as your wrighting them down or typing them up, it could just help you remember it better, and cause more frequent lucidity, and also if you feel that telling people will lose it coz it puts them down, thats only if you are saying “HaHa i can lucid dream” but if your like “Hey last night ii had a lucid dream, it was pretty cool :woo:” then that wouldnt be putting them down, isnt that kinda a loophole to your superstition