telling them im dreaming

i am new to the forum and i dont know if this has been said or what, but a few times while in a LD i have told the people around me that “i am dreaming. this is a dream. you are in my dream” (which really helps control the dream)

the time i most remember was me and my friend in my dream and i told him that and he said “prove it” and i made an AK-47 appear in my hands. i guess i felt that would prove it. LOL.

im sure other people have done this before but its just something fun to do to see what happens

Usually my DCs believe me, but I know behind their backs they call me crazy. XD But it’s nice - they don’t try to stop me or anything. Usually if I lose lucidity, it’s because something outside of my dream snaps me out of it or I just lose it by getting caught up with the dream again. I need to learn to just break away from it completely if it’s boring. XD

most peoples DC’s here don’t believe if they are told that they are not real , including mine(ok, once a man believed , i think he ran away :razz: )
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