Temperature Affects dreams

I woke up around 7am and went back to sleep, it was freezing cold in my room for some reason. When I fell back asleep I dreamed I was in a tundra in 0 degree weather. Anyone else ever have this happen?

I have heard that the colder the room you sleep in the larger the chance of you having nightmares, but I don’t know if it’s really true or not, I’ve never noticed such a trend. On another note this summer, when it was warm, I had a dream that I was in a desert.

Temperature can affect dreams just as well as other sensory impressions can. I have dreamt about waking up in the snow, when my bedroom has been cold. It doesn’t affect my dreams as strongly as hunger, thirst or a full bladder does, but in my experience, any kind of discomfort can affect dreams.

It sounds logical to me.
If the room is warm or cold then you will subconsciously think about warm or cold places, which can obviously have an effect on your dreams as well.

[color=olive] I’ve slept in both hot and cold environments before, but don’t recall the temperature affecting my dreams.

I think this may be possible though depending on the individual’s mind set, the senses being activated by the external force in the environment, to the degree the external force affects the person, and how light of a sleeper they are allowing them to sense external forces while in a dream.

     Its similar to falling asleep with the TV on and how what you hear on TV, the external factor, can affect your dreams in some shape or fashion under certain conditions.

(Since its common I'll use the TV example)    Conditions like the the temperature being just right to the point where the temperature doesn't even register to the mind while the TV is at a pretty good volume, enough to register to the mind. (Its a survival adaptation/technique we somehow adapted over time. Intel on that is on the tip of my tongue at the moment.) Your mind will pick up on the TV 's exceptional volume before the subtle temp because the production of sound registering to you is stronger than the subtle temp, prioritizing the sense of hearing before the sense of feel in case there is danger. 

Now if the TV is off or not very loud at all, and the room is noticeably freezing or hot the environment's external forces will prioritize your sense of feel putting it before your sense of hearing allowing you to feel that. From there depending on your mind state or awareness the external factor of the room's temperature IRL could play a role in your dream.

If I didn’t make any since let me know. I had a barrage of thoughts and ideas bombarding me at the moment and mistakes tend to happen often during those moments.[/color]