temperature of the room

the other night i slept in a room that was fairly cool and i nearly became lucid. last night i was in a warm room and i couldn’t recall one dream. does temperature of the room make a big difference in dream recall or lucidity?

I guess it depends on the person, but for me hot temperature makes it harder to sleep, which seems to make my dream recall go down. Maybe I’m actually getting less REM sleep and thats why. I dunno about lucidity, I haven’t had enough LDs to notice any patterns there :sad:

it doesn’t feel like i’m losing sleep, but maybe i’m not sleeping well. i’ll try in a cooler room tonight and i’ll let you know how it goes.

That’s what’s happening to me. It’s been REALLY hot in my bedroom for the whole of this week, and my dream recall had gone down the drain…

Same here. It seems my recall just “sweats” right out of me. The heat is also causing some scent problems in my room, making it difficult to sleep when a musty odor is filling my nose. Opening a window didn’t help.

Does anyone use air fresheners in their room? Did it help, hinder, or otherwise effect DR and natural sleep?

Woohoo! Last night, I only had a sheet on my bed and a fan on, and I got a long dream with a lucid moment in it! :happy: Here’s my Dream Diary entry!

I didn’t go lucid last night, however the temperature of my room was considerably cooler and I recalled two dreams and a fragment. Perhaps there is some corrolation between comfortable temperature and DR/LD abilities…

in ohio we are having some really hot humid weather, so there was no room in my house that wasn’t hot. however, i slept in the room with the a/c. i didn’t want to run it all night so i turned it on for a while and turned it off before i went to bed. the room warmed up so i turned it back on. then i had a dream recall! i didn’t think i’d have any because it seemed so hot, but that a/c got it comfortable.

i am always going to try to have comfortable temperatures when i sleep now!

In my location it’s pretty dang hot inside. . .
About 26 degrees celcius.
I usually aim the fan at myself though.

But I remembered yesterday that I felt all hot and tired (and the fan was aiming the wrong way torwards me, so it bearly helped). Now I can’t remember a single dream today :sad:

I was sleeping about 2 weeks in cooler room in by aunt’s house. Now i am back in my home, and my bedroom makes hot every morning. My DR dramatically decrased, and i dont think that i will get lucid until i will accustom to that. Temperatue of room HAS effect on dreaming, at least at me.

I was wondering about where my DR went. I guess because it’s been 80-90 degrees (F obviously) in my house recently, huH? I’ll try to move the fan to right by the bed. I bet that would also help because outside sensations could help me become aware in dreams? thats problem its own topic.

Mabye it’s easier to LD in the winter then?

It’s currently very hot in Germany. I can’t sleep at all.

i need a bigger fan. if i try to sleep in the upstairs room (preferred) i can’t dream because its freaking hot. i have a small fan on me all night and it doesn’t work well.

I have two fans, but one is half broken and makes a loud noise.

I guess it depends with what you’re more comfortable with. I’ve had trouble recalling dreams (or even just sleeping) because of the heat wave in my area. I personally like cold rather than hot.

OMG! Twilight zone music I had an LD just last night with good control and I managed metamorphosis on a girl I know :tongue: Can’t explain it now though because I’m at work but when I saw your post I had to reply because last night was the only night I’ve had the fan on all night since I bought it 3 weeks ago and its been very hot here recently! Your definitely onto something here, at least for me!

A possible explanation: when the ambient air temperature is cooler, the body has to metabolize more to stay warm, so it’s being more active than it would be in a cool room. This might carry over to brain functions as well, enhancing them or “speeding them up” somehow and thus causing wilder dreams. But I’m not a scientist; I don’t know. I imagine what ultimately results in better or worse dreams is the alertness of the brain during sleep - so a high metabolism induced by a cold room, an empty stomach (hunger actually increases brain functioning), and no exercise before sleep all seem like sage advice. In theory it should also mean that you should try going to bed before feeling very tired so that your sleep is lighter, but that never does the trick for me.

I personally find it easier to sleep in a warm place than a cool place, but I’ve never correlated heat with dream recall. When I’m too warm I can always throw the covers off and lay spread-eagle to radiate off the head, but if I’m cold then there’s little I can do to improve insulation unless I jump into my closet and drag out another blanket. Now that everyone mentions it though, my DR has been shot to hell the last week, and the heat’s been reaching its peak here in GA for the last two or so weeks as well.

When we’re talking “cold” and “warm” what exactly do we mean? Ambient room temperature in winter may be very cold, but we compensate by piling blankets and comforters on, making us relatively warm. Likewise, in summer the room temp may be warm but we sleep with few sheets and as a result are possibly cooler than average than we actually would be in winter. That’s how it seems to me anyways, because though my room is warm I wake up in the mornings with a slight cold/numb feeling in my legs induced by my lack of sheets and having the ceiling fan running on low. In comparison, I always stay toasty in winter. So I don’t know how to draw the line here in between room temperature and body temperature. I guess ultimately it probably boils down to “feeling cold” and “feeling hot” though, and all this specious theorizing is mostly worthless.

I’ll turn the notch up on my fan and see if it can blow away my dry spell tonight.

when i say warm that’s when you lay spread eagle with no blankets and you build up a little bit of sweat, that’s to warm. i even had a fan on all night and i felt uncomfortably warm.

the best conditions would probably be a comfortable room with a blanket on top of you. i find having a blanket makes me sleep better. but i’m sure you could get DR or even a LD from nearly any temperature as long as you have practiced enough

ok i am the exact opposite as the rest of you all in this topic.

Last summer my A/C went out on me, and it was 48 hours before they could fix it, at night i always work-out for a hour before taking a shower and going to bed, (working out makes me fall asleep easier) when i went to bed i fell into SP (which happens to me alot) but this wasn’t any normal SP, during these SPs i had, The HI was very strong the strongest that i had ever experienced in my life, so strong i had to keep reminding myself that it was indeed SP and not real (most of the time i don’t have to question myself about the HI becuase i know) and the SPs would turn into very very vivid Lucid Dreams the most vivid that i can recall in my 23 years of life.

I went to mexico (i go there alot) and my dreams are always more vivid there because of the heat.