Term for type of dream halflucid control

I’m looking for a term that qualify a type of dreams that are not regular LD, but they not NLD neither- When you (your dreamy avatar) seems confident and control the dream, knowing that this is a dream, that you can change and doing all the magic tricks, taking control of dream environment, but seems not remember the plan you made for LD occasion or acting little too engaged in the plot. After awake, you questioning - was it really LD, why did I act this way, that doesn’t seem like what I supposed to do?

I noticed its quite common - do you call it somehow?

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low level lucid is a good term and describes it well.

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Is it used somewhere already, or did you make it up?

To be honest i’m looking for solutions to fix them to more lucid. I meet with terms of semi lucid or sub lucid dreams- but still no specific advices. So checking is there other terms used (established common terminology or short-name).

Example : https://www.reddit.com/r/LucidDreaming/comments/2zftkf/what_do_people_mean_by_semi_lucid_isnt_it_either/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb

Talking about levels of lucidity is very common, at least I’ve read and heard it very often in this community. Of course there is no common agreement as to which level entails which lucid features and abilities. So if you say you had a low level lucid dream, usually you’ll still have to specify what was missing to make it a proper lucid dream. The good thing though is that you can extend the scale upwards as well. You can say you had super high level lucidity in a seem to indicate that it was even more awesome than usually :smiley:

If I understand you correctly, you want to crank up the level of your lucid dreams? What helps me every now and then is to think of my waking life body after attaining lucidity. This seems to help me establish a connection to my waking life and the plans I had set in it. But in general it still boils down to the same thing: When you are making plans for a lucid dream and repeat your mantra, make sure those plans and mantra include that you will remember them and act upon them.

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That sounds fair. Now i think of it as an autopilot LD and concentrate on incubating a “exe” reaction, which can level up awareness to more rational and realizing my plans (experiments) - should work. If I understand your advice well. Thanks.
I though that call problem properly make searching for answer easier. But i found argues about is lucidity binary or scaled. My private opinion is that we are even not sure is it lucidity- all it can be “pre-meditated” dream about what would it be to be lucid, as decisions can be made offline.

I think this happens to me, but not exactly. Two or three times recently, I realized that I was dreaming, but I didn’t remember that I could do cool things and I just walked around, not caring. It’s kind of annoying, lmao. Also, I still do stupid things inside of those kinds of dreams the way I do in pure NLDs, it’s like it’s not even me in there.

100% this… This “dream-self” is so removed from my waking life self in thought and action, sometimes even “physical” body changes, so I know its a dream, and even do feats of dream control, but forget my personal/waking life lucidity goals and things I want to do.

I guess like @Marvin wrote, I need to “level up” my lucid dreams. With more practice :smiley: