Terrified of Flying!

Im having one of those “Im never doing that again!” moments right now. :crying:

Last week, I had a LD where after I became lucid I instantly wanted to fly, I guess my first mistake was not taking the time to observe my surroundings thoroughly before acting. (All I remember was that I was on a very dark street at night. I could only see the street, the sidewalk which I was on, and the silhouettes of a few houses :dark:) But after becoming lucid, I used the “push the ground down” technique. I raised my hands outwards and shot straight up into the sky!

Now this is the bad part. I made it above the city (which was also dark and silhouetted) but I wasn’t able to stop/slow down! I ended up in the middle of space but the speed at which I got there was insane, :unk: only 4-5 seconds from leaving the ground! Now the view was amazing, :universe: thousands of dots of light all around me, but that wasn’t the point, I was literally in the middle of nowhere! I had begun to panic at this point, flailing my arms wildly and screaming for :help: :scared:

But then I suddenly became calm, closed my eyes and let my body completely relax, and “felt” myself very slowly float back to earth :cloud9:. When I opened them, I was on a bed floating in the ocean about 200ft away from a island. After that “some stuff happened” and I lost lucidity.

So I ask you all, how do you control the speed of your flight? I have managed to levitate in 2 other LDs (both of them after the above posted dream), but I want to fly over cities and such, not just a few feet above ground. Any advice at all is greatly appreciated, thank you! :fly:

Although I’ve flown in several of my lucid dreams, and it’s normally the first thing I do in one, I’ve never really thought of controlling the speed at which I fly. It all seems to come naturally for me, and I just do it. I stop if I need to, and I never gave it much thought to begin with. As for your experience, it just sounded very fun and exciting rather than scary. Even if you lose control in your lucid dreams, it’s always important to remember that no matter what happens, your perfectly safe and lying in your own bed. :content:

I have had some different levels of success flying. I found I was able to fly far and very fast, but I didn’t try to go high, in my first LD. In others I’ve just fallen back to Earth after jumping. And yet other times I’ve flown and perched on fences like a bird.

One thing I’ve noticed in all of these, I have to become horizontal to fly, and verticle to stop (whether landing, perching, or just hovering). Maybe next time, you could try flying as fast as you can (just will yourself to move fast…don’t think of the repricautions) and then when you want to stop, pull your head and shoulders back and up while letting you feet come foward to make you verticle.

Good luck :smile:

Here’s an important thing I remember in LDs: You have nothing to fear but fear itself!
Since you’re dreaming inside your mind, any thoughts about stuff going wrong? Hey, they might just happen. Just remember that nothing will harm you in a dream.
When you fly, you have to realise that it’s you doing it. Just control yourself as if you were walking; with the same low level of concentration.
Of course, other ways of getting out of the flying-too-fast situation would be to shout “Stop!”, “Slow down!”, etc., or try to ‘pull’ yourself back to the ground.

Hey guys thanks, I finally had another LD a few days ago, I found myself in a WalMart-type of place, and suddenly became lucid after realizing that this whole section of the store sold only washing powder for clothes, just shelves and shelves of washing power… :eh:

I took your adice and flew forwards instead of upwards. I had complete control, the best part is where I would fly into things, grab on to them, then leap off of them in another direction. (think of batman or spiderman jumping) I turned flips and everything, it was so cool… untill I went blind (a sign of me waking up) I actually fell off a shelf and felt myself fall VERY slowly to the ground, like a feather. Then after feeling the soft impact of the ground I woke up. Thanks again for the help!