So, what is everyone’s best score here? Mine’s 112.

[edit - of course, by “score” I actually mean “number of lines”]

This is probably almost spam, or actually is spam. I don’t care, I’m posting it anyway.

I can’t remember. I have not played it in such a long time. It always warps my mind and even my dreams if I play it too long.

Spam? no spam, what spam? :wink:

i dont remmeber what my score was but i was on level 10 and had 105 lines. my bro beat me by getting to level 11 and getting 112 lines tho.

mine’s around 100, but my aunt can hit 200+ lines in consecutive games consistently :eek:

Ok, I’ve got a better one. What is everyone’s favourite tetris block?

Mine’s the sort of T-shaped one. And joint second are the L-shaped one and the backwards L-shaped one.

I like the

| |

Shaped one. (That’s the best I can do… :content:)

It’s been ages since I’ve played tetris, though…

on a forum i help run we have an arcade loads of games in there including pacman & tetris. My score is average but i have no idea what the “lines” would be.

I pay little attention to lines, i’m more interested in beating the current high score of 63,000

I prefer the red straight long one. And my top score is 109 lines.

I play on the very old “Tetris for Windows” which is copyright 1990. I had copied it from Windows 3.1 onto Windows 95 and it got copied into Windows 98 that I have now.

An interesting thing about this one is that the highest score you can get is around 32,000 points, and after you exceed it the score goes crazy. First it goes to negative 32,000 and climbs back up, and when it reaches a certain point it starts counting by tens of thousands, then it starts all over again from zero.

I know this because I got good enough with Piece Preview to plan ahead my next move so I could play on Level 10, the maximum speed for that version. Theoretically, I could play indefinitely. I know I’ve played a game lasting at least a half hour before.

Anyways, about a year ago I got the idea to record the number of lines I got because the points system was messed up. I recorded 580 lines on it, but I don’t know if that was the highest score I ever got.

200+ lines in old gameboy tetris… Level 26 in tetris 4000 .
My favourite block is the T-shaped one