Thank You For your ip

well first i am going to say that this post is adressed to one person. Untill i put my email up on the forum my email was cleen. now thanks to who decided it would be fun i am now getting a great deal of spam. Well yes you are right. Really really fun

But i get the last laugh i have your ip. 62.238.52.*

oh did i post that.??? waht a shame, pity i know some people that could take advantage of thoes little numbers too. oh i also know u singed me up on the 28/8/03 at 10:23 . 47 seconds. the web site gave me your ip along with the time.

So now who has the last laugh.

Um actually dude there is a virus going around. I think its called the sobig worm or something and if someone gets it then it sends out junk emails that are infected with the virus to all the email names that are recorded in files on that computer or something like that. I know this because I am getting about 24 emails per hour from it and I checked my computer and I dont have the virus which just means that someone who has it on their computer has my email address somewhere on their machine.
You might want to check to make sure you dont have the virus.

ohh no i have thought of that . u see i got this from a email that the web site sent me say you have recived blah blah blah from the following ip … at time of day … this is your last warning to subcribe balh blah blah.

I know this email wasnt just spam becuase i got 6 all with the same ip. and i am sure that soon i will get a few more. so i know it wasnt a virus cause my scanners would have picked it and they cant touch me through my fire wall nor does emails send like that giving out the ip. so thankx but no thanx

Also, having someone’s IP is no big deal at all. Everyone has your IP when you join an IRC chat, when you send an email to someone, when you visit a webpage the owner can see your IP, the moderators here can see your IP. Hell, on the old LD4ALL forum, our IPs were publically posted, which was convenient when tracing down trolls and such.

Also keep in mind that it’s not necessarily a forum user. There is software which browses web pages including forums and picks up anything that looks like and adds it to their spam lists. It’s much safer to give your email to others in the form of or anything else which would require some sort of edit.

Stuffness? Long time no see. :smile: Happy to see you again.

Everything you say is true except your first sentence. Having someone’s IP is a big deal when it comes to tracking someone. Sure, it’s easy to obtain . . . but it’s essential to finding out the source of questionable activity.

TimeLess_Soul, I suppose you notice the IP originates from the Netherlands. How many of these email have you recieved? and in what time frame?

I’ve recieved viruses from the email account I use for this forum. I have 5 or more email accounts, and this is the only one I have recieved several viruses from.

Please keep us posted on any future activity. Like Stuffness said, this might be unintentional. Some visitor here may have a virus and doesn’t know it, or someone with your email address on their computer may have a virus.

Posting somebodies IP adress on a public board is ILLEGAL and could result in LD4ALL being shut down.

While some boards do show the IP - it is only part of the IP so as not to infringe on peoples Privacy. (for mods/admins it is fine to see for obvious reasons) but in terms of public posting it is privacy invasion and if the person who owns it complains could result in action being taken against ld4all.

I dunno about that.

Let’s see??? You’re in the UK, the IP originates from .nl, and LD4all originates from the Netherlands, and this is probabably some silly American law. I’m not sure if this is some International law, I really doubt it.

Where have you heard this Goth? Could you give us details and URLs?

Also, I believe somewhere in our “Terms of Agreement” that members agree that their IP’s are recorded and viewed.
Our old forum indeed showed the complete IP.

Even if it was illegal, the numbers are not linked to any username or identity. It’s simply posted here as a safety precaution for others to be aware of viruses originating from this IP.

Just to be on the safe side. :wink: We can’t risk losing LD4all!

Thanks for the warning Insane_goth and for the commitment to the forum :cool:
Good post DreamAddict!

So thank you both! :smile:


I have been looking into the matter, What i have found out so far is actually contarary to what i said (but hey better safe than sorry)

it isn’t illegal to publish an IP since it can be gained through Legal means, (ie: it shows up in emails) Should a hacker have gotten ahold of that IP and done anythign “bad” ld4all still wouldn’t have been held responcible.

what i did find was this

Which is what originally made me think it was illegal, however the information was retrived from email - so it would be diffucult to say whether or not that would class as a “private” source - since email is designed as a private tool or not.

Either way ld4all would not have been held reliable for such, since the information did not come from here.

-from our Term when joining ld4all.

In other words the webmasters mods/admin may view such material, but not the whole site without consent. Bare in mind this does not mean the consent of the individual but every member registered.

– so i guess to summerise it is not illegal to post such information, provided all agree and it is not posted from a private source to a public one. I guess it’s a matter of judgement.

Thanks Insane_Goth :wink: your the best!

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Hi DreamAddict, good to see you too.

Haha, considering every user’s IP was publically posted in the old forum…

That’s exactly right. However, only the police has the authority to demand personal information from the ISP given the IP address. And when I said it’s no big deal, I meant with reference to something as insignificant as spam in one’s personal email inbox. Police have much more serious things to deal with, such as fraud.

Well thanx for the replys people.

ok first off this is to the mods, at any time you can remove this topic and/ or the ip adress. if it becomes a problem.

right now the reason i posted the ip adress up here was to show the person that is sending people spam and / or virus that they are being watched. So if i were that person i would just take note of waht you are doing.

Having the ip adress is not a great big deal if you do not know waht you are doing. On the other hand it could become a major problem to the person if you do know waht you are doing.

Like is said just a warning to that person or anyone else that is sending junk. be warned

granted but where does it all start stuffness, with the small things

:happy: Dont worry timeless_soul its ok!
I understand why you id it.

And i heared no angry voices at mods central :wink:

So dont worry i think everyone can imagine how anoying this is to you!
Who wants spam, we all hate it!


lol great thanx man

oh i love ur little picture for your gender lol thats great

Peace man


Bottom line is, the chance of an actual human user taking your email here for the sole purpose of spamming you is slim to none.

TimeLess_Soul, just edit your profile and you can be as cool as Jeff, with your own Gender Icon!

…Well, no one can ever be quite as cool as Jeff, right. Or rather, be as cool as Jeff in that same borderline psychotic way.

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Spam is a big deal.
My last hotmail address (fey_celeste[at] gets no less than 50 unwanted e-mails per week. This really makes checking your mail a pain in the … .
Most of the mail I now get through that address I filter into the spam bin but that means I have to regularly check the spam bin to make sure no subscribed e-mails get thrown away. Also, some of the spam somehow gets through to my inbox…which annoys me to no end.

There is no way to stop this once it begins. You will probably need to re-register for another ‘clean’ account somewhere (like I have done). The only solution is to not make your e-mail public. If you have to post your e-mail on a webpage, whether in a forum, comments page, guest book or whatever, edit it a little to make it unsearchable by spam bots i.e. realityfailure[at] I understand this wouldn’t work for signing up to forums though as you have to have a ‘valid’ address. Only for posting purposes.

Another way is to use javascript to disguise your email. I’m not sure if this is a viable option for forum use but on personal pages it usually works.

Sorry you had to go through this T_S. I know how much it sucks.
Maybe there is some way you can report the person responsible, though I doubt very much an ISP would act on it anyway. Guess that’s just the risk you take.


Thank you Reality Failure, i know what you mean, a totaly pain, but hey that is life. and no i dont think that i will do anything about it. Seems like too much wasted effort, but i am glad to see that there are a few people out there that share my oppion. thanx every one


ReaLiTY.FaiLuRe > about 6months ago hotmail changed EVERY useres personal details and setting certain “send me email, publish my email to 3rd parties, release my other info - such as zip/postal code, address name ect. to 3rd parties” set to allow without any warning, you could be getting spam due to that. Same with Yahoo they did something similar.

Free email serivices are known for doing this, also there are some sites that offer serivices such as the “crush” posts and many of the “email your friends this page” sites.

many of them have say that by sending someone “X” from “X” site you are giving your permission to add that person to a spam list on their behalf.

They obviously send another company the list for $$££ they then do the same - and you end up with loads of spam.