Thanks to my alarm clock....

…I may have missed some really good dream insight. I was going camping on a mountain with some old man, and as we are hiking to the top, he is telling me something about finding yourself, it was something about going through stages to find yourself, but just as it was getting good my freaking alarm clock goes off. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Maybe you can revisit the dream by concentrating on it next time you sleep.

gotta love our wounderful friend alarm clock… ive lost many good dreams to it thats for sure lol

So have I, so many dream endings lost, or plots obscured thanks to having to wake up. I now even wake up a few seconds before the alarm rings.

I’ve grown to hate the sound of my alarm. It makes me shudder when it goes off on those mornings when I really don’t want to get up.

Ya know, it would have been a kickass idea to do this when you never need the annoying alarm clock.

/me shakes his head in dissappointment.

I don’t use alarm clocks, My body just wakes up at the time I want. But sometimes, I oversleep :cry: . Not all that reliable, am I??