That bag of CZ is a big bag of weed!!!!


My mom found my stash of CZ I had, that I never used… but hid it anyway, and she found it and thought that it was weed. LOL.

So the rest of the day she was all upset thinking the reason I’m always back in my room isn’t cuz I’m on the computer, but cuz I’m back here getting high.

Which is funny because I’ve never in my life used weed lol. (that i wouldn’t, I just haven’t yet!)

But anyway, I thought that was funny. She finally figured out what it was by looking in her drug book, as she’s a nurse. The bag was labeled but she thought I just made up the name so that they wouldnt know it was weed lol.

My dad was the only smart one, and my mom called him crying and he’s like “Does it smell like pot?” she’s like “No.” he goes “Then it isn’t pot, is it?” hahahaaaa

Just thought I would share. Because I don’t remember if I’ve told this story or not before, I haven’t been here in so long.

Hmm, I have read a similar story like this before. Perhaps you have posted it.

now, that tells you something about your parents. :wink:

yea i already knew my dad used to be a big pothead lol. my mom used to do it too but she wasn’t a pothead. :tongue:

If I were your parents I would be more concerned about your Hanson paraphernalia. :huh:

If my parents saw the bag they would sure get suspicious…lol i think they would call it first name from the head…cocaine,heroine…hehe not too much knowledge here.But i think if i told them there are some herbs for hmm…sleep or even stomach they would buy it.

Man thats a great story.
I wonder what would actaully happen if my parents managed to break my safe and find my stash, bong, pipe, skins and all my other shit. Lol, I know they would make a big fuss, but then they’d be the hypocrites, cause my dad smokes the green all over the house! :tulip:

I lent my friend one mint teabag once. He left it in the kitchen and his dad thought it was some kind of drug. He told his that that it was mint tea, and that a friend gave it to him (the truth!) but he was like “why would one of your friends give you some mint tea?”. So my friend told him to smell it, and he does, and then goes “Oh yeah.”. So his dad thinks I’m pretty weird, but at least he believed us.

lol! That’s funny :smile: My parents probibly would think it was funny that I was stashing weed… not really FUNNY, but they would probibly laugh, then I would get " The Talk". I think they used to smoke it :eh:

My mom found my bag of weed and she thought it was weed…and i got in big trouble, she threw it out, too. But i went in the garbage and got it. She could have at least smoked it herself if she wasn’t going to let me. Haters shrug what can ya do? :eh:

I visited my folks in ohio over chrismass with my brother. and i starttalking to my mom about drugs that she had exparemented with. try not to reveil that i did any drugs. She had told me that she stoped smoking weed only cause she didn’t know where to get it. the few times she had smoked it was someone elses. And she said if she was with people she felt comfterble with she’d probly do it again. it had been like 17 years sence she had smoked.

so later that week my brother and i worked up the balls to tell her that we did indeed know where to get it and asked if she wanted to smoke with us.

so christmass night me, my brother, my mom, and my step-dad smoked two blunts and a bowl. it was the weirdest experiance ever. And what really made me angery was that the whole time i was still living there i tried to hide it only to be smoking with my parents a year later.

HOLY COW! :cool_laugh: that’s so wicked awesome, both my parents are more straight edge then anyone ever, they never tried a thing. If my parents were that cool I don’t know what I’d do! you’re so lucky, i hope u take advantage of this for the sake of us people that cant. You should smoke it up with your bro or whoever more often now, since they dont care and all. :tongue:

oh yeah, well thats my mom and my step-dad. i’m temporarily liveing with my dad and step-mom right now and they are no where near as understanding. infact, me my bro and my step-sister hot boxed my brothers car a month ago and the next morning my dad got in it and smelled the weed. he made us destroy some very nice glass peices and a bong and through out a half. and said if i ever brought it in his house again he’d kick me out. so its back to secarets were i’m living now.

Today I heard a very sad story from one of my friends.

On the weekend we all went out to see Peter Pan (Don’t see it, it sucks), and we all brought our pipes and ganj. We arrived late, and didn’t have time to smoke up. Anyway, afterwards, we all go home, having never blazed. At school on Monday, she told me that she left her pipe and stash lying around, and her dad found it. She got the whole “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” talk and told her that he trashed the pipe and flushed her weed. It was a really cute pipe too, I helped her pick it out.

I guess it could have been worse, a lot worse, but its still a downer.

That is indeed very sad news. I know how it is though. My brother broke his very first peice a few weeks ago. granted it was because he was drunk and accedently droped it on the floor in his doorm room. which isn’t quite as intense as a parent finding out you smoke and trashing your pipe andflushing your weed. it was still sad. he had to have a freind buy it for him cause at the time he was only 17. it made me sad too cause the first time i had ever smoked was out of that pipe.

WARNING!! Another sad story follows!

My friends and I had the most wonderful water bong (in my opinion, the BEST way to smoke, aside from a vaporizer which I’ve never been able to try) and one night in our building (with 20 degree weather) we wanted to smoke very badly. We had no papers and the water in the bong was frozen. We became so desperate that we tried to puncture the ice with a pen to see if any of it in the inner lower levels might possibly be water. Well, we ended up snapping the glass tunnel piece flowing downward into the ice. It really sucked. Wait… Maybe that was a stupid story and not a sad one. :cry: :grrr: I may be the luckiest person in the world, however. :cool_laugh: My parents know I smoke and drink yet it doesn’t bother them. I do keep a job and pay my car insurance, so what trouble am I causing them?

just a little tip. and i don’t want to startand kind of rilegious blatfamy debate. But if you are out of papers and have no other means to smoke. The paper used for bible pages is excellent. And if you have a problem smoke verses from the bible. There are always a few blank pages i don’t the the good lord will have a problem with you using those. After all good created all seed baering plant for our use.

This thread reminds me of the TV advertisement where the nice black lady is trying to get her kid to stop smoking pot.

"When I say ‘no weed’ I mean ‘NO WEED!’


That part always makes me laugh out loud. When I was a kid, the biggest thing my parents had to worry about was whether my room was clean and I didn’t say any curse words! What has the world come to when 12 year old children are smoking pot? Oh well, it could be worse - meth or something.

:lol: Davion, that commercial makes me laugh too. Too bad I doubt many people see it outside of the states.

… or cough syrup. Did you know kids are dying from overdoses on that stuff now. They actually card you in the US like it’s cigarettes or alcohol.

Yeah all those stupid kids are screwing it up for the rest of us. I however live in florida and have never heard of anyone getting carded to buy cough syrup.

The camercial i like is the one where the guys are toking up at the drive through and don’t have any moey so they try to make a getaway and run over the little girl on the bike.

I don’t know about anyone else but i am about 10x more causous driveing it i’ve smoked then normal.

Go to the Ganja 3 post under shortcuts to lucidity, and you’ll find a nice little rant I wrote about all these anti-drug commercials including that one. I’m gonna try to post a link and hope it doesn’t link back to the home page. … c&start=24